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West 46th Mag – online magazine – available in English and Italian, at a monthly frequency, with an international perspective – aims, promotes and reinforces an intercultural exchange between Italy and the other cultures through an interactive multimedia platform.

Founded in New York after 4 years of activity by West 46th Productions, which has headquarters in Rome and NYC, and thus has always been oriented toward the international scene.

A collective of journalists, taste makers and professionals, most of them Italian, is the essence of this new project. Located in Rome, New York, London and Dublin they will publicize Italian culture and  quality through their articles every month about different sections including movies, music, art, sports, entrepreneurship, informative and entertaining ironic columns, and characters.

The WEST 46TH MAG reader will be a participant thanks to the interactive platform and the cultural and vocational promotion will tend to involve the same readership to which space will be afforded to share their own stories.


When I  first got into the business I was only 14 and,  out of necessity I started working at a gas station and I used to lose all the gas taps that I left on top of the cars. Since then, 20 years are passed by and up til today I’ve done so many different jobs, from the most humble to the most ambitious, all of them conducted with passion and motivation with a great willing of knowledge. I have learned a lot… I had the privilege and the good fortune to discover new places and meet wonderful people that made my life and my path beautiful, intense and full of energy. Certainly a path with its difficulties but never boring. A path made of many challenges, bets, ideas, success and even many failures; a path that made me confront  other European cultures and especially American culture but always carrying  with pride the Italian Culture in me that I would like to promote with an international perspective now.
So I recently felt the impulse and the will of creating a vehicle to give voice to  those who have a special success or brave story to tell, that can inspire young people’s dreams and projects.
We will also tell, ourselves, some stories, about places and characters just to entertain you or simply giving you some advice about different subjects, possibly even making you smile.
Why West 46th ? many people asked me. I say: That’s a street in midtown Manhattan that represents a very important step in my life, where I can say everything began, back in the day where I  humbly and enthusiastically earned  my first American cash by waiting tables, I mean, training for that. It took a little while but at the end I became a very good waiter and I learned English and Spanish by working with other people and the Mexican chef and kitchen staff.
Today I keep those dollars in my desk drawer in Rome,  from which have emerged all my dreams.  I have taken them out, one by one, and placed them on the desk to look at them and make them real.
WEST 46th MAGAZINE is another of those, and today it is my desire to share it with all of you, if you want to follow us and add your own.  We will be happy to give voice to your thoughts as well.
Here we go!

Alessandro Parrello

© All rights reserved

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