The new Middle Ages of postmodernity

 crociatiPost-modernity? The contemporary era following the modern one? I really don’t think we can call this current era “postmodern”. Mankind seems to be taking giant leaps backwards. Ancient Egyptians were modern, perhaps, the Maya civilization, the man who invented the wheel, or the fork may have been modern. Leonardo da Vinci was the most modern of all, for sure. But the truth is that contemporary men of postmodernity, from the 1900’s to today, haven’t proved themselves worthy of being called modern. The two World Wars are proof of that.
History teaches us how the Crusades, between the 11th and 13th century, were among the most barbarian wars planet Earth has ever witnessed, testifying of how human life was deemed less valuable than honor and a religion more important than another one, or a God over another. 
Men’s subconscious need to dominate has always been at the roots, in all of their ferocious nature, for dominion and land. Hence, power!
Now, as far as the filth of our modern times, my question to myself and to you, friends, readers and enlighted “powerful men”, is what has changed over the centuries for mankind? What is the point of progress in medicine, technology and culture, if that progress doesn’t bring about more wellbeing and a moral compass for those of us who have been inhabiting this planet for just a handful of years? I wonder if perhaps, other than carrying a smart phone (for such is a phone, smart, unlike men), we are all still stuck in the year 1000. 
Sure, the clothes have changed, and transportation too. 
Barbarians spilling blood back then, just as in our days, with a big difference: in the era of postmodernity there are spectators by the hundred thousands who watch and share the horror, playing the game dictated by some of the “powerful men”, who as jackals pose in front of the scene, or worse, watch and comment from their buildings, with their thumbs up like the great Roman emperors in the Coliseum. 
Too bad that digital, post-modern thumb doesn’t spare a life, but rather it shares death.
We could call this war “the new social crusades of the contemporary era”! A concept of war beyond the simple World War Three, as the media like to call it. A war of fear, the strongest weapon for controlling the masses. 
Today, my friends, I meant to write a good editorial, happy and excited, expressing thankfulness to those who have been reading and following this young magazine for a year already. But I can’t. I don’t feel that happiness now, because mankind seems to have lost the compass. We are back in the Dark Ages, and the only gratitude we can express is not being in the wrong place at the wrong time, when terrorists attacked, just by chance, or destiny, dying without even knowing why. 

by Alessandro Parrello

© All rights reserved

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