The new frontiers of Italian cosmetic surgery

botox injection for the beautiful young woman

Recent surveys run by Allergan®  highlighted how 58,6 million people worldwide are curious about cosmetic surgery, but only 9 % have had it done. Some of the main reasons quoted were:

1) Women are concerned about being judged and feel embarrassed for wishing to have cosmetic surgery;

2) It’s not so much youth that women want, but to look their best at their age;

3) Patients worry they will not look as natural after treatment;

4) Negative media can be misleading and create fears and doubts.

An important aspect is that unfortunately many potential patients believe that hyaluronic acid and botox treatments are the cause of those unnatural looking expressions often featured on magazine covers, TV shows and even among their friends. With such bad examples as reference, people clearly feel uncomfortable about treatments. THE BIGGEST FEAR IS TO LOSE THEIR NATURAL FACIAL EXPRESSIVENESS. Patients would rather look like they’re aging well than to be artificially younger. Most require personalized treatments that keep their natural facial expressions. Cosmetic treatments can look extremely natural without altering facial expressiveness. Each patient’s treatment plan aims to a personalized look. All aspects of the face must be taken into consideration for a result suited for each person. Each single patient’s morphological and anthropometric characteristic must be weighed, considering that skin aging and wrinkles of the face and neck depend on each patient’s personal factors. Treatment has to pinpoint such characteristics and treat them individually, even starting from an old photo, to highlight the strengths of the face, filling it and bringing light to it in a harmonious and balanced way. Another factor is to turn to competent, specialized professionals.

Starting this month, we will be introducing various beauty and well being treatments to preserve the natural aspect of each individual like the Regenerative medicine and the New Frontiers of Tissue Regeneration.


Doc. Massimo Tempesta



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