The Giffoni Film Festival: a great festival, an experience, an opportunity.

Giffoni-Film-FestivalGreat success for the 46th Giffoni Film festival

More than a festival, it’s a real experience, a great creative campus that releases energy all over. This is what you feel when you’re into Giffoni that, after 46 editions, it’s always innovating itself, involving talented guys from all over the world. Even this 2016 edition, just ended yesterday with the cast of the popular Italian TV series “Red Bracelets”, was a booming. Giffoni’s energy is released by 4150 young jurors from 50 nations and 160 Italian cities. The kids were divided into six juries, selected on the basis of age, to judge the 105 films in competition and beyond. The Giffoni 2016 hosted 50 national and international stars, from 80 delegations and 65 different countries. This year the theme was “Destination.” Every journey has its destination and for all these guys the destination is to discover the beauty of a creative community where each of them can find their own path.

Giffoni is not only an experience, but also an opportunity: – explains the director Claudio Gubitosithinking about their future work, we have created a filmmaker courses, masterclasses and the Innovation Hub laboratory, betting on creative under 26 start-up“.

IMG_8898Among the International stars whom walked the red carpet here there were: Mika, Jennifer Aniston, Sam Claflin, Nicolas Hoult and, of course, many italian movie stars like Valerio Mastandrea, Alessandro Borghi, Matteo Garrone Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito stars of “Gomorrah – the Series”, Mainetti Gabriele and Luca Marinelli, director and co-star of “They call me Jeeg” and of course Claudio Santamaria, whom we met on Saturday. Talking about the festival, Santamaria said: “This festival is amazing. If you are depressed and you come here, not that I’m depressed- precise – maybe you tired and fatigued, here you recharge completely right away by this powerful energy.

Very acclaimed was also the 40 min speech by Jennifer Aniston who said to the kids “Keep learning and observe the others. Feed your interests and stay away from smartphones, pc and live your life for real“.

Jennifer Aniston at Giffoni Film Festival

In addition to the films in competition, the kids were able to preview four new films: “Me before you” starring Sam Claflin own; “Finding Dory“, the latest Pixar effort; “Ghostbusters” the controversial remake of the1984 cult film; and “New York Academy” film about dancing, choreographed by the authors of “Step Up”.

Here all the winners of this 46th edition of Giffoni Film Festival:

For feature films the Gryphon Award for the section Generator +18 goes to the acclaimed Urban Hymn of Michael Caton-Jones.

The Gryphon Award for the section Generator +16 goes to The Violin Teacher by Brazilian Sérgio Machado.

Generator +13 award goes to Fanny’s Journey by Lola Doillon French.

The Gryphon Award for Elements +10 goes to Nelly’s Adventure by German Dominik Wessely.

Section Elements +6 award goes to The Wild Soccer Bunch – The legend lives! by German Joachim Masannek.

Wins the GEX section DOC Real Boy by the American Shaleece.

For the short film section, the winners of the the Gryphon Award for the section Generator +18 (animation), are:

Beautiful by Alessandro Capitani

for Generator + 18 (fiction) Blind Vaysha byTheodore Ushev (Canada),

for Elements + 10 Zombrella by Benjamin Gutsche (Germany)

for Elements + 6 Real Strength by Din Svend Colding (Denmark)

for the section Elements + 3 Crocodile by Julia Ocker (Germany).

For the section Parental Control “Destination Italy” wins It’s a wonderful life by Italian Valerio Attanasio.

By Livianna Bubbico

© All rights reserved

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