The Executioners: an American thriller by the Italian director Giorgio Serafini

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Giorgio Serafini, Giorgio Bruno and Daniele Gramiccia, tell us about their last film set in Orlando, Florida. In November and December 2016, in fact, the three producers have worked together on Giorgio Serafini’s new thriller / horror The Executioners, which will be distributed by HMB, Voltage.

There is a MacDonald’s novel with the same name, from which there were already based two films: is there any relevance with this novel?

Our film is my original script – says Serafini. – When I gave the title to the movie, I completely forgot about the original novel. It is a strange coincidence, but I’m very honored by this egregious kinship.

Here is the plot: Belle, Kay, Angela and Lori have just completed their university studies and they will soon follow their own path in different cities. The four inseparable friends have organized a final weekend in the house where they have spent many holidays together in the last years. The pleasant evening, though, turns into a nightmare when three men with painted faces burst into the house, carrying with them the seed of an absurd and extreme violence. Belle is the only one who manages to escape and takes control of the situation. But violence begets violence, and the girls decide to take their revenge. Cruelty seems free, primordial, but perhaps, it seems to be a reason behind it.

How did you get the idea and how did you developed it?

Phil Goldfine, a producer for whom I have directed three films, he challenged me to write a horror for Halloween. I developed an extremely violent thriller using a classical scheme of this kind, then drown it several times, creating some real twists. I’ve always enjoyed overwhelm the patterns of genre film and nowadays, I think it’s the only way to make it appealing.

The actresses – Jemma Dallender, Natalie Burn, Rachel Rosenstein, Anna Shields – are rising on the big screen: What did you make choose them and how was it to work with them?

Jemma Dallender is already a well known name after the success of I Spit On Your Grave 2 and the cast is one of the best I’ve ever had. I chose them independently and only for the best of the film. I just wrapped the principal photography and I am totally amazed about the wonderful chemistry between the protagonists. “

from left: Giorgio Serafini, Daniele Gramiccia, Giorgio Bruno

Working with a director like Giorgio, who knows exactly what he wants and he directs his actors with great experience, is priceless,” says Giorgio Bruno, producer, with a particular penchant for horror films in his resume. “The author’s script is what Americans classify as “rape and revenge”, a.k.a. rape and revenge movie, a subgenre of horror that was very popular in the 70’s and so it is today again“. “The film got immediately our interest – adds Daniel Gramiccia, producer – for the amount of twists in the script that make it certainly more intriguing than the average of horrors. The Executioners is a fun mix of genres, playing cleverly with the audience, up to a finale that leaves everyone breathless. “

What are the differences of working on movie in Florida rather than in Italy; Is there any pros and cons on both sides of the Ocean?

Working in the States – continues Bruno – is always impressive, especially when you produce a genre that is part of your cinephile background. Because this is what we are, besides our work: fanatics and lovers of the 7th art!”

Besides, making a movie in the US is less expensive than in Italy – says Giorgio Serafini – the working hours per day are twelve instead of nine. This, however, is my 12th American film since I left Italian television and I must admit that I miss to work with our Italian excellence though.”

Among the most important Giorgio Serafini’s successes, we remember the TV series Orgoglio (Pride), with Elena Sofia Ricci and Franco Castellano, of which he has directed all the seasons.

Since 1994 he lives in Los Angeles, and in 2004 he became a US citizen. His American credits include the screenplay for the TV movie A Song From the Heart, with Amy Grant and Keith Carradine.

“After having the privilege of working in the mainstream Italian television productions such as Orgoglio, Gente di Mare (Sea People), Il falco e la colomba (The Hawk and the Dove) I’m happy to be back in my adopted homeland, and heve made films with Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones, Peter Bogdanovich, Tom Arnold. Also, I’m going to return to television with an upcoming US series to be shot in Europe, without the limits of the Italian television. “

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