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The elegance of the food

P1260972“The elegance of the food”, is an  exhibition in Rome inspired by the theme of EXPO 2015, to celebrate the perfect combination of nutrition, the dominant theme of the EXPO 2015 in Milan, and the Italian creativity. “The elegance of the food. Tales about food and fashion “, will be open until November 1 at the Trajan’s Market – Museum of the Imperial Forums, an archaeological site of exceptional beauty, for prestigious history and architectural elegance. The site was chosen to enhance the contamination between fashion and nutrition, the two faces of Italy that the world appreciates most.  Water, Air, Earth, Fire. The four natural elements represent the theme of the exhibition, included as part of the events scheduled in Rome and Milan during the EXPO. The exhibition, curated by Stefano Dominella and Bonizza Giordani Aragno has as fil-rouge all those food with a “calling from nature”. Like fashionable clothing enriches the beauty of the body, so does food by nourishing it. Fashion is the food for our mind, food is nutrition our body. Several rooms of the museum have been set up to contain projects inspired by the fusion of fashion and nutrition, fashion and eco sustainability, fashion and energy.  Food and the raw materials are the theme of the exhibition that looks up to fashion from yesterday until today with a hint of tomorrow. During the exhibition it’s possible to admire “clothes-work”, accessories made from unusual materials, whose forms are the result of innovative research, originality and most of all, irony. Because it is irony and being playful that characterizes the creativity of the designers when they “translate” food. During our visit to the exhibition, we had the pleasure to interview Lucrezia Ungaro, director of the Museum to whom we asked to explain the importance of discovery and  interaction between art and food at this particular moment in history.foto 3

We are all globally rediscovering and valuing the traditions of local food and fashion trends: eating local and the ability of local tailors are helping the development of local communities.  This is the most powerful weapon against the chemically modified food and the diseases connected to eating. It’s even helpful to avoid the exodus of the people coming from emerging countries. This is such an important message for the young generation, for this reason schools and universities are involved in this project. And everyone is happy with the outcome of their experience

P1270027The exhibit displays more than 160 works, including accessories and clothes, some of which have never been shown before. Giorgio Armani’s Prive collection is inspired by bamboo, symbol of strenght and delicacy.  Etro marries the slogan “We are what we eat” and the beautiful prints of the Maison are made with colored pasta and raw shellfish in graphical compositions created with digital images in which meals, represented with a typical Italian style, are transformed into a kaleidoscope of food.  Noteworthy is also the creation of Gattinoni that exposes the “bread dress” with sculpted bustier with real ears of corn, while young designer Titian Guardini has created “Natural Couture” an eco-sustainable dress with licorice roots. Clothing, accessories, photographs and video, video mapping and visual-art come together in this exhibition in order to create a modern vision. Heart of this artistic experience is the Made in Italy culture, made of beauty and quality that proves how much fashion has been influenced by nutrition. The audience’s  reactions have been really positive, as pointed out by Lucrezia Ungaro:

The initial reactions are of wonder and curiosity, but then it’s transformed into admiration and surprise on discovering the parallel evolution of fashion (including the use of the printed fabric as innovative applications) and food. The exhibition easy-talk about important issues in the history of Italian tailoring production and the evolution of well-known brands. Historical and contemporary pieces are mixed up on a funny way. This declination of the exhibition fits perfectly in the historical and archeological context of  the Markets of Trajan.

The exhibition at Trajan’s Market is just the first of many events scheduled in Lazio for Expo 2015. Many urban places will be at the center of events, because Expo is also an opportunity to rediscover the vocations and the strength of an entire country.

by Adele Magnelli


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