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The 2016 spring/summer trends as presented during the Fashion Weeks

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ph by Federica Dall’Orso

During the weeks of international fashion, from September 4th to October 7th of this year, worldwide famous designers were once again voicing their opinion on the trends for next spring/summer styles. It’s merely impossible to sum up those weeks filled with the ideas for women, men and all that evolves around such event. We were particularly impressed by some common and contrasting points, which paint a fascinating picture of what fashion artists communicated with their shows.

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Ph – Federica Dall’Orso

New York Fashion week set the event in motion, involving in their inauguration the American Army, with 15 women in little black dresses by Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, walking down the runway during the event called “Salute The Runway”. For the occasion some WWI female army uniforms were put on display. The goal was to help women in the army be reintroduced in society after their mission is over. Much more dramatic was Carrie Hammer’s choice to have disabled models walk down her runway. That is, two different perspectives that send one common message, in an attempt for a vain event to have social prominence. Among the other designers was featured Givenchy’s collection, choosing Sept. 11th as their 10th anniversary celebration date, between laces and straps, black and white satin (kinky as the most luxurious lingerie).

Ph – Federica Dall’Orso

A brand new location hosted London’s fashion week starting Sept. 18, in Brewer Street Car Park, Soho. In a Victorian atmosphere, amidst flowers and pastels in the most bucolic style, Mother of Pearl took inspiration from romantic heroines Scarlet O’Hara and Laura Ingalls, displaying models in soft robes, that don’t give away much of the body contour, except for the navy blue and poppy red colors creating a modern contrast. Light colors also for Vivienne Westwood who uncovered her models’ shoulders with low necklines; the show was interrupted by some protesters picketing against the political class, but in spite of the “climate of rebellion”, the style was the most modest, traditional one produced by the Brand in many years. Ashley Williams was a lot more daring, presenting a collection that combines with audacity geometrical shapes and insect prints, in clothes made to undress, rather than dress, the body.

Ph – Federica Dall’Orso

September 23rd was the opening of the Milan Fashion Week. Gucci; Alberta Ferretti; Max Mara, with their American stars and stripes prints; Fendi, a maroon-red and coral triumph, sleeves and bubble skirts; Prada; Roberto Cavalli; Laura Biagiotti, with lots of white and little lady spring dresses; Trussard and many more brand names that clearly prove how international fashion is still, undoubtedly made in Italy. The most elegant woman is no doubt Armani’s, wearing very sophisticated and original clothes. The Paris Fashion Week, from Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st, closed the intense month of fashion shows. Dior’s original collection is particularly impressive, with horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes intertwined with

Ph – Federica Dall’Orso

each other, then breaking up in curves and geometrical shapes, as in the best cubist painting. Sequin-covered tops, connected to the skirts with one single stitch, leaving the stomach bare; fresh dresses in delicate rose hues and flower prints, or ankle-length dresses as wide as bells, portraying women as modern princesses or modest disco queens. With Nicolas Ghesquière’s ideas, Louis Vuitton’s collection acquires a punk-futuristic style, for a strong, aggressive image of women.

Along with the runways, each city breaks out in displays of street style, which for this year was an explosion of bright colors, daring bare backs, glimmering jewels, hair dyed in pink and blue, tangled, tied up in bands and lots and lots of hats.

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