The 100% eco-friendly house? It’s invented by an Italian

waternest-casa-galleggiante-bThe first fully sustainable house in the World comes from the study of the Italian Giancarlo Zema for the British company EcoFloLife.
It’s a houseboat, developed on 100mq, made entirely of recycled wood and laminated with an aluminum hull, always recycled. The balconies are located on the sides, and thanks to the large windows, it allows you to enjoy the views of the water. On the cover of the roof there are 60 square meters of photovoltaic panels that will be able to free 4 kWp, and then to cover the entire energy needs of the apartment. The interior of WaterNest100 can include the living room, a dining area, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or other spaces according to different needs; it can be used also for different porpouses: ecological home, office, lounge bar, restaurant, shop or floating exhibition space. The furnishings selected by EcoFloLife are top design, ecological and elegant, perfectly corresponding to the diverse needs of contemporary style. The use of materials and the sustainable production systems, make these units recyclable to 98%! Moreover, thanks to a sophisticated internal system of natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning, it’s classified as a low consumption residential habitat . WaterNest100 is the perfect solution for those who want to live in harmony with nature without being intrusive. You just need to find the right place!








by Francesca Scialanga


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