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Erene’s music: USA – Italy round trip

“I came to New York fifteen years ago, and the reasons why I stayed are endless. First of all the beauty of writing and singing, then the incredible and unexpected collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Brad Roberts (leader of Crash Test Dummies) which gave me the chance of learning …

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Ask Dr. Bruce: Be proud of who you are

Dear Dr. Bruce, I am a famous movie star named R. I am a totally homophobic gay man. What should I do? Help!!!! Thank you, R. ———————————————————– Dear Mr. R. Surprised? Not really! All of us have known this about you for years, but out of sensitivity to your macho …

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Miracle of love in 5th Avenue

Few days ago, I had the opportunity to witness a very important event in the streets of New York. A great celebration that marked a victory of human rights. What am I talking about? The New York Pride parade that took place along the famous 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The …

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