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Cristiana Pegoraro: strings of love to Italy

Cristiana Pegoraro

Cristiana Pegoraro  is an Italian internationally renowned pianist , defined by the New York Times “an artist of the highest caliber.”  She will grace the Carnegie Hall in New York next November 17 with a her concert “Omaggio all’Italia” ( Tribute to Italy) . Here’s what we talked about. You …

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Outdoor Festival 2015 opens in Rome

Outdoor Festival opens today in one of the most unusual and fascinating places in Rome. The former barracks in Via Guido Reni No. 7, is the complex which 17 artists have interpreted and 16 musicians will play their music in the 30,000 square meters with 6 collateral events. Outdoor Festival …

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Love is a losing game, Amy?

A heart-wrenching, beautifully melancholic documentary from the very first scenes: fourteen-year-old Amy Winehouse, plump face, cigarette in her hand, a couple of friends all around as she sings “happy birthday” with her typical raspy voice… and it’s ever so clear that singing makes her feel filled and hollow at once, …

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Erene’s music: USA – Italy round trip

“I came to New York fifteen years ago, and the reasons why I stayed are endless. First of all the beauty of writing and singing, then the incredible and unexpected collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Brad Roberts (leader of Crash Test Dummies) which gave me the chance of learning …

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Supermario Grafton

The first thing that you notice when you are flying to Ireland is the greenish color that covers the island. And that is when  you figure out why they call it the Emerald Isle. The thing that hits you most , though, is not the ginger color of most Dubliners’ …

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