Silicon Valley Italian Festival: a day of Italian Culture and Tradition

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On Sunday January 31st in Palo Alto (CA) you will experience a trip through Italy during a day centered around the country’s culture and traditions. This is the great idea that Daniela Cilia, founder of The Silicon Valley Italian Festival,  had after 4 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay area. The festival aims to give a window into Italian talents and businesses located in Silicon Valley.

The goal of the festival is to give attendees an opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in the rich and authentic culture of Italy for one day. This year, it will be focusing on the theme of Sicily. You will learn about Sicily through the Oscar winning movie, Cinema Paradiso, a masterpiece of Italian cinema, inspired by the real life of its director, Giuseppe Tornatore. Also, you will see the awe-inspiring exhibition of Sicilian photographer, Giuseppe Leone, which unveils iconic Sicilian landscapes and traditions that you can only admire through his lens. You will be able to savor the flavors and tastes of true Sicilian cooking through the hands-on cooking class and then through the Sicilian appetizer. Finally, you will complete your Sicilian journey by embarking on a dynamic presentation of the most important archeological sites in Sicily.

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ph – Giuseppe Leone

To start, an exhibition of well-known Sicilian photographer Giuseppe Leone will open the event through the anachronistic images of the island together with internationally renowned Italian pianist, Laura Magnani.  To follow a series of events for both adults and children ranging from the screening of two Italian movies, cooking classes for adults and children, a series of conferences that will address various topics: from the most significant monuments in Sicily to the secrets of a good espresso and a delicious pizza, storytelling for kids and more. Finally, the Italian market with its handicrafts will give you the feeling of browsing the small shops of an Italian town. Throughout the day several catering services will allow guests to discover or rediscover the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine.

slide_concertThe Silicon Valley Italian Festival appeals to everyone! All nationalities, ages and genders are welcome! There is something for everyone – singles, couples, families, children, everybody is encouraged to come and learn about Italy.

As media partner of the Festival, WEST 46TH MAG will follow this beautiful event and for more info please visit their website at

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