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SHUNA: the return of spaghetti western

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Enzo G. Castellari. Ph Cosimo Fiore

It will be released today on RAI Cinema Channel and in the following days on Condé Nast live, the bloody western Shuna, directed by Emiliano Ferrera, starring Alessandro Parrello as the villain Joe Galvèz. Produced by WEST 46TH FILMS and Giampaolo Duranti, the film has director Enzo G. Castellari as special guest star. The lead strong warrior Shuna, is portrayed by actress Hong-Hu Ada. Among the other performers also starring Franco Trevisi, Laura Baldi Simone Pieroni, Andrea Fioravanti, Marco Caldoro and the young Angela Pablico. The shooting took place almost entirely in Abruzzi, but the story is set in New Mexico, 1874. A mysterious Indian woman, known by the name of Shuna, comes across and kills the brother of the dreaded outlaw Joe Galvèz, freeing the two slaves kidnapped by outlaws. Galvèz finds his brother dead and he wants revenge. Alongside with his two men, Little Jim and Chester, he will begin to hunt at Indian, which is fast and unpredictable as a snake under a stone.

Breathtaking scenery, fast horses, perfect set design, great cinematography, dust and many guns, drive us back in the 60’s and 70’s when, when Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns marked a golden age of Italian cinema, which Quentin Tarantino loves so much.

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