Romina Carrisi: the Power of dreams

Star sign: Gemini. One of the first things that struck about her is the color of her eyes, a transparent green with a hint of “nostalgia”. Her name means “little Rome”, and Rome was a city she used to call home. Born under Puglia’s blue sky, she is the perfect mix of Mediterranean genes and American dream. Her name is Romina Carrisi Power. A musician, a poet, an actress. A dreamer in the land of dreams. Daughter to famous parents, most of the people might think that she is a hard one to approach, given her celebrity status. Well folks, you can’t be more wrong. She’s very down to Earth. She’s just a young girl pursuing her destiny: acting. Her adventure on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, has just begun.

Romina Carrisi – photo by Angela Lo Priore

Romina, you were born with the signs of art in your crib. When did you realize what you wanted to do?

I realized that I wanted to be an actress when I was 12. On vacation, I would rather be in front of the camera and act instead of going to the beach. It was a natural instinct with really no thought process to it, and the high I would get on just acting out scenes was one of the purest.

Acting. Music. And Poetry. Which one represents you most?

They all represent a part of who I am. I think we are all a puzzle of many facets that placed together make a unique being. I wouldn’t be who I am without all of them.

How hard or easy was it to grow up in a family where being an artist sounded like a “must do”?

I always have a hard time answering this question. Peoples preconception is that if you are born in a family of famous artist, your road is paved. Mine is not. It has been a rocky path since day one. I am nowhere close to where I want to be, and I have to deal with that every single day. I work my ass off and can never forget to smile. For the camera and my sanity! I never felt it was a “must do”. My parents had it “easy” compared to me. My mom got discovered at 14 dancing near a pool, I go to auditions every week and get constantly rejected. That is the hardest part. But you have to be focused and keep going. My turn will come.

Did you ever felt the need to do something different, like… an accountant maybe?

I wish!!!! Acting is such a tough job to pursue, no one ever tells you that! Being an accountant would be so easy and comfortable. In my imagination I am an accountant, but realistically I am too much of an artist to be able to deal with other peoples money!

Romina Carrisi – photo by Angela Lo Priore

You are a “healthy carrier” of the genes of art. In several pictures of yours, you are very similar to your grandma Linda Christian and Tyrone Power is your grandfather. Given the chance, is there a movie you would like to shoot with him and most of all, would like work with him?

I loved the film “The razors edge”, he was such a strong leading man. I would have loved to be in one of his films! I always said I was born in the wrong era due to my very retro look. I have a poster of his framed in my bedroom and talk to him in the times of need. He is my guardian angel.

We had the chance to watch you in several motion pictures like Padri ( 2002 ) and E la chiamano Estate (2012 ) and you’ve proven your talent. You started pretty early, at 14 years old. What do you like about acting?

I would have continued if my Mom hadn’t stopped me at such a young age. Getting back into it was a lot tougher. Acting makes me feel alive. Living through another person makes me feel of service to society. To be the voice of that specific character gives me a sense of purpose.

What are you up to now. Are you working in a new movie?

I wrote, produced and stared in a pilot here in Los Angeles. It’s my baby, I’ve watched it grow and evolve. I am at the last stages of post production and will soon start the selling process. I am also writing my first feature film, a modern day love story. My poetry book “Se solo fossimo altrove” will be published in Italy in October.

You moved to Los Angeles to change. Asides from the geographical location, what else did you change?

Los Angeles made me the tough, strong willed person I am today. This city gave me so much. It taught me to smile, even when you are hurting inside. It taught me to be my own person, without being always labeled as “the daughter of” which had me thinking that I had to impersonate the character of spoilt child that I never was. This city is tough, it’s not a walk in the park but it makes me grow and become the person that I truly want to be.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Oh boy. My ex asked me this question once in bed and not knowing how to answer, I improvised and said I wanted a family, kids and my own TV show. I don’t think that is necessarily true. I can say that I want to be a successful actress and a writer, but don’t really see kids or husbands in the picture!

What is talent for Romina?

Talent is a person’s drive to find their path in life. It is our job as humans to find out what ours is, and use it in the positive way to enrich others and yourself.

What do you think is the “X- Factor” that an actor should have to be successful as you are?

You need to be true to who you are and not be afraid of what others think. And be kind.

Kindness is definitely one of the adjectives I would use to define Romina. During our chat I’ve realized that we have few things in common, asides from being a dreamer as she is, I used to call home Rome too. And Rome was the subject of the travel documentary “Follow Me” she shoot and where she, along with her talented sister Cristel, unveiled the secret spots of the Eternal City. She once said that she wrote a lot of poems from the Gianicolo Hill while “watching Rome from above, from a spot where you can see everyone but no one can see you.” Her innate sensibility is what makes this young lady a very special one.

See you in Rome, Romina.


by Maggie A. Romano



 © All rights reserved

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