“Recipes and portraits of actors”: the Italian stars tell the Italian cuisine

Claudia Gerini, Beppe Fiorello, Riccardo Rossi, portrayed by Stefano Guindani

It was presented on November 24, at the prestigious D.O.M. Hotel, in the heart of Rome, the new TV format “Recipes and portraits of an actor”, produced by RAI Cinema with Cannizzo Produzioni, for Condé Nast Live. The first episode is on air from November 25, contemporary to the releasing of the same book, published by Rai Eri, on sale in the best Italian bookstores.

IMG_7255The event was chaired by leaders of Rai Cinema, including CEO Paolo Del Brocco, the President Nicola Claudio and the Manager Fabiana Cutrano who created the project, the partners of the event and Laura Delli Colli who lent her friendly advice to the format. The Italian culinary tradition, as you know, is beloved everywhere. Many Italian movies showed the great recipes through scenes and characters that will last forever. Here, in each episode, an Italian movie star will share a story and a recipe, associated with his or her own dining and set experience .
To remake all the recipes there is the magnificent Chef Max Mariola and to portraits the 21 protagonist is the international photographer Stefano Guindani, who make this format unique and tasty!
1044-1The main courses will be presented by artists like Beppe Fiorello, Alessandra Mastronardi, Cristiana Capotondi and Riccardo Rossi, Alessandro Parrello; for the second courses there will be the recipes of Alessandro Roja, Daniela Virgilio, Claudia Gerini, Giorgio Pasotti and Michela Andreozzi; to finish, Vinicio Marchioni, Andrea Bosca and Giuseppe Maggio present their sweets. Other stars will join them, for a total of 21 episodes. Among photos, film clipsm, chats and laughter, they will come to light anecdotes related to food taken from the sets and private life. In other words, a new way to talk about cuisine and Italian cinema, that will export the Italian traditions even abroad.
Here some stills of the event

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