Piccolo Chef: The Mimosa Risotto

image1 copiaHere we go again ..
This month’s recipe is dedicated to the person who introduced me to the amazing marriage of champagne, green asparagus and poached eggs – Mr. Michele Casadei Massari. Not only he is a great Chef, hes also my brother, partner and one of my best friends.

Let’s start my little cheffs …
What is the best rice for risotto? I love the Vialone Nano, a small and chubby grain, strong in cooking and with the heart always al dente. Don’t worry I’m not leaving you alone, I’m here to teach you the trick to cook it right! As my mother says, “with a water glass full of rice, you can feed two people without let them skip the second course.”

Let’s take our beautiful white onion without the dry leaves and cut it into two parts then rinse it under cold running water, to prevent you from crying like a baby, or at least it shouldn’t. I still cry after nearly 20 years of cooking!

Chop it finely into small cubes. Next drizzle some extra virgin olive oil into a big pan. We start the show with an open flame and at the first crackling oilthrow, we throw the onion cubes in there and we lower the fire.
While that goldens, we wash the asparagus and with the potato peeler, we take away the skin just two centimeters below the bud.

Now set aside half of the asparagus deck and I will teach you a cool trick with that.. Ready?
While the onion is cooking over low heat, take another pan and put 500ml of hot water, salt, pepper and the famous bunch of asparagus previously saved, also cut into cubes. All over high heat until boiling.

The caramelized onion is now calling you, ready to meet our two glasses of rice, the asparagus previously “peeled”. With a nice wooden spoon old school, we continue to keep it rough, with high heat.
The grain is now getting toasted and seasoned of asparagus. The sizzling of hard rice, with the onion and the hot olive oil, is one of the most fascinating part. As soon as the bean will get browned, add a knob of butter, three pinches of salt. This is when that incredible fragrance will fill your head..
Time for the champaigne, be generous as you pour !

Now with the wooden spoon mix together all the rice beans, champagne and asparagus, on high heat … when the mixture turns to a calm soft boil, we lower the heat and cover.

Now add salt into the other pot with the asparagus and with a ladle, mix three times the stock of asparagus in the risotto and cover, raising a bit the flame ..
Now, blend the stock of asparagus, until you get to have a puree.
After nearly 20 minutes as the rice is starting to absorb the liquid, we gradually add the puree and for the next 5 minutes we keep it moving ..
As soon as the rice will surface from the sauce, we turn off the flame giving a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and we cover leaving it off the fire for the last 5 minutes.

Finishing touch? Poach eggs!

My method, easy and safe:
Saucepan, boiling water, two splash of white vinegar, a pinch of salt and when you’ll see the first boiling, turn down a bit the flame, and gently put inside the egg inside.

DONE! After 4 minutes your poached egg will be ready. Turn off the heat and leaving it soaked. We are close the Mimosa risotto!

Ready to fall in love with this?
Let’s open the lid of the saucepan, and there it is. Love!

With our wooden spoon we move the risotto from bottom to top. The aroma is amazing now!


When you have spilled the first spoon of risotto into your plate, place the second one on top of the first spun, pretending to build a hill.
Last touch: with a spoon with holes, take the poach egg, well drain and place the egg in the middle of the hill and …

… Bon appetit!

ps: I suggest a casting of aged balsamic vinegar on top… “That’s so much stuff”!



1 deck of green asparagus

200 g of VIALONE NANO rice

1 white onion

1 egg

50 g of butter

1/2 lt di champagne or prosecco

extra vergin olive oil




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