Piccolo Chef presents: SEAFOOD COUSCOUS

unnamedI love to think of this ingredient from its ancient roots, the evolution throughout the centuries, across the continents, from hand to hand, through the different culinary traditions. Perfect for the warm weather coming our way, its tiny golden nuggets of wheat will delight us with a touch of Mediterranean freshness. Today I’m going to introduce you to my own seafood recipe of couscous, very fresh, enticing to the eye and tongue, which you will love from the first bite. Place all your ingredients, already rinsed, by your cutting board.

Ready? Here we go !!

We are going to start from couscous, so it can cool down once cooked as we prepare the souté of seafood.

It is so incredibly easy to make, just a small pot with 250 ml of hot water on the stove, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Once the water comes to a boil, take it off the stove and pour 250 grams of couscous in, covering it in the water.

This is when it gets serious: on a deep pan, pour generously your olive oil, add fresh minced garlic and an anchovy and let the magic begin!

As the oil starts sizzling, stir with a wooden spoon.

Once the fragrance starts filling the room, free the seafood into the pan, starting from the calamari, which take a little bit longer to cook, then the clams and mussels, stir well, finally the shrimp. Simmer with white wine and wow!! This is exactly why I love cooking!

Place the lid on the pan and let the steam and heat open our clams.

After 4 minutes turn the flame and let it simmer… as you lift the lid you will be encircled by such calm, boiling perfection of all the ingredients, and all the alcohol will have boiled off.

Let’s try this luscious sauce… Mamma Mia!!

Now let’s mince some parsley and fresh pepper, slice in half ten tomatoes and let these ingredients rain in our pan. A couple more minutes on the flame so all tastes mingle, just in time to prepare our plate, my little chefs!

unnamed-1Our couscous has been sitting alone, but now it’s time for one of my favorite moments, when we stir it to separate the grains. Wonderful, then, two flakes of butter will do the trick. Once it’s melted in, with a fork we gently stir the couscous, layer by layer so it’s all separated, now you can use your hands, just be careful, it may be still hot!

Rub it in your hands by handfuls, feels good, doesn’t it? Tiny golden nuggets should fall off your hands…Now let’s finish our preparation.

Take a plate and pile the couscous in the center, then with your finger, turn that little mountain into a volcano, creating a hole as large as you can in the middle.

Take the clams and mussels and place them around the hole, with the shrimp and calamari in the middle. Now the best part: pour the rich sauce all over the couscous and in the middle, add some fresh lemon zest and voilà!

Buon appetito!

200gr Cous  cous
100gr Mussels
100hr Clams
100gr Shrimps
100 Gr Squid
Fresh red pepper
White wine
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Little tomato1/2 box


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