Photographer wannabe? MoMA in NY helps you

momaWhen major and important institutions like museums choose to wear modern clothes to adapt to the dizzying changes of the contemporary world, initiatives such as this born: MoMA, the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York, offers an online professional photography course totally free. Through the e-learning platform Coursera, you can follow the “Seeing Through Photographs” program, an educational trail to learn the techniques and models of storytelling through images. The course aims to deepen the gap that exists between seeing just a photograph and really understand it, providing learners with the basic knowledge about the ideas, approaches, techniques and technologies that reside behind a shot. The starting points of this online course are just the photos exhibited at the MoMA: it is a representative archive of the entire history of photography in its nearly 180 years of life, which contains the works of the greatest creative figures and that illustrates its different applications, from science to journalism, from art to commerce. The course focuses  precisely at the multifaceted aspect of the use of images: photography as artistic expression tool, for science and exploration, documentation methods and communication of itself, of its own and something else culture. The course is taught by Sarah Meister, curator of the photography department at MoMA and is divided into six weeks. The first week is a general introduction and the following five are more specific; Each module provides a time to “look and learn” , one of “read and review” and a final quiz. Among the main arguments of the course there are: prospective, portraits, documentary photography, nature and the relationship between photography and contemporary culture.

 by Valentina Mannino

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