Paolo Genovese and his “perfect strangers” without intimacy

perfetti-sconosciuti (1)Put your phone on the table during a dinner at home with friends, let every messages, emails or incoming calls becoming public matter, without any control (including hands-free) and observe (finally?) your own world from the outside and others’s from within.

This is the crazy and dangerous idea that the “perfect strangers” have, in the new Paolo Genovese’s picture. In Italian theaters since February 11, the movie already made over 16M Euros at the Box Office and got 9 nominations at the Italian Oscars; The idea is as winning as simple: a group of best friends, whom believe to have no secrets, start a game that will turn quickly from just a challenge into a massacre, revealing those internal distortions (betrayal, weakness, hopes, desires) that make every human being simply what it is: an evolved animal trying to find a spot right in this life.

“Today every secret of our lives goes inevitably through our smartphones” -said the director yesterday at the press conference at the Tribeca Film Festival. “The smartphone has become a key object, perhaps the only one that we always carry with us, it has become our ‘black box’. “I started from this reflection, a sort of short circuit so I started to develop it, alongside with other writers (Rolando Ravello, Paolo Costella, Filippo Bologna and Paola Mammini) and the film that has come out is everything and its opposite, where everyone can tell his experience, may lay down the boundaries between right and wrong things … “

The script works well anchors, the twists, tightened and hilarious dialogs: you laugh and cry in a slippery balance between who we think we are and how others see us (“the human being is breakable” says one of the characters at some point).

A beautiful human comedy about real and recognizable human being. A film that became successful internationally thanks to an ensemble cast of thoroughbred Italian actors (Marco Giallini, Anna Foglietta, Valerio Mastandrea, Alba Rohrwacher, Edoardo Leo, Kasia Smutniak and Giuseppe Battiston). It emerges then all the unspoken of an individualistic society, where everyone tries to survive by hiding the scars or accepting compromises, trying to make that strange and complicated thing that is called life. The end of the movie is what will makes you think the most…


by Francesca Scialanga

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