New York hosts Dante Alighieri’s women

Dante AlighieriUntil 9th of April, the Ierimonti Gallery in New York hosts “Sagona-The Comedy of Women”, a project in which converge art and literature, taking inspiration from the most famous and influential masterpiece of Italian literature: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The imaginary portraits of Marina Sagona captures the idiosyncrasies and the archetypal power of inhabitants of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise; in turn, the authors Judith Thurman, Jhumpa Lahiri, Alice and Claire Messud Funder respond to the views of Sagona, creating their own narrative portraits of women forced to damnation or to a path of purification. Whether it’s Francesca, Manto or Beatrice, through the pen of the writers, you have access to a whole range of disparate reflections on the topics (from identification with lost memories, to the social commentary). As Colum McCann says in his introduction to the project: “The best -writing art, cinema, painting, dance-creates, suggests and inspires other arts. Nothing ever ends. “


di Francesca Scialanga

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