New Year’s Eve? Here the most wanted places to celebrate!

nycNew Year’s Eve is today and everyone would love to be in the the perfect place to share this special time with our loved ones. There are so many beautiful places around the world to visit for this celebration and we wanted to tell you the top 9 of 2015! Why 9? Just because we love this number! LOL!

 Are you already in one of these?

The city that never sleeps! Well over a million people tend to show up at Times Square tonight for this famous yearly party. You will find yourself counting down the seconds to midnight while a a huge 12-foot glittering ball is slowly dropped down from a flagpole atop the Times Square building and since this is always a televised event, you might see yourself on TV! That’s cool!
What a fantastic place to be! Many events surround this celebration. You can expect to see indigenous smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers complete with messages in the sky, mini-light shows, a truly huge and spectacular fireworks show and a lighted boat parade. An ultimate dance party is held at Bondi Beach and there are even special events to help the children celebrate at Taronga Zoo.
The city of blinding light, to name a beautiful u2’s hit! At the Eiffel Tower, you will see a truly spectacular light show and fireworks display. However, most all the streets of Paris come alive with hordes of people celebrating, making the rounds of bars and clubs and having a wonderful time with fireworks and lots of champagne. Romantic New Year’s Eve boat cruises along the Seine are also offered for those who wish for a little privacy for their celebration.
hawaii-nye4 HAWAII
We do love Hawaii! You will find celebrations on the beaches all over here. Enjoy the extraordinary fireworks displays lighting up the beautiful waters. All of the beach-side bars and clubs will have special activities planned for the celebration including theme nights and contests. Outdoor music concerts and boat cruises will be offered into the small hours of the night as well. One of the funnest New Year’s ever!
Let’s have a little summer again! Here there are traditions I’ve never encountered before and some which I still don’t fully understand. As part of Antigua’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, there are two such events you might looking forward to watch: The Baile de Moros y Cristianos (Dance of the Moors and Christians) and the Quema de Toritos y Alas (Burning of Wings and Bulls). Other than that, of course, you might want to be here, rent you jeep an ride through the fabulous beaches to relax and get tan just when the winter arrives!
For those whom are in Europe, London happens to be one of the most visited destinations! Over 250,000 visitors crowd onto the banks of the Thames River and begin the countdown to Big Ben striking the hour of midnight 12 times, when an elaborate light show and fireworks display takes off. The party usually continues throughout the night with activities planned for the next day where also the three-hour London New Year parade takes place with marching bands, colorful floats, costumed dancers and a fine procession of the Queen’s horses.
Las-Vegas-New-Years7 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Always the party town, over 300,000 visitors show up here to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Beginning at 6 p.m., the famous four-mile-long Strip is shut to vehicle traffic and opened up to those who wish to celebrate by walking around, drinking, mingling and watching various fireworks being shot off from surrounding rooftops. Most of the hotels, clubs and bars will be offering special shows and activities and.. of course.. be careful with the hangover! LOL
New Yorkers love here often in the weekends in just two hours flight! Miami is young and fun! You can expect to find celebrations of all types all over this city. You might like to head over to South Beach for a good old-fashioned all-night dance-a-thon. A family friendly event is Miami’s answer to New York’s famous ball drop which is a 35-foot neon “Big Orange” which descends from the Inter-Continental Miami. There is a grand finale boasting a huge fireworks show at Bayfront Park and there will be family activities, musical entertainment and food available.
And last but definitely not least…. Here it is:
rome-nye9 ROME, ITALY
The Eternal City! The right place to spend a romantic New Year’s with your loved one walking down the little streets of the magic Trastevere, enjoying the beautiful Piazzas through the center and, of course, have one of the best food experience ever. But don’t go in touristic places! Tonight there are also many parties around the city and if you are looking for dancing, you will certainly have fun! 

But after all, if you want to be the first to enter the 2016, well then you’ll have to find yourself in Samoa, (Polynesia, in the South Pacific Ocean) or Kiritimati Island today and waiting for the rest of the Countries around the world!

Happy new Year folks!!


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