Nail mania! Italy vs USA

in the picture: Serena Gualinetti

More and more Italian women have a monthly appointment with beauty at the nail salon. Untill a couple of decades ago, all you could expect to see on fingernails was some paint… We’ve come a long way with all the fancy decorations and treatments you can now admire on ladies’ hands.
So what has brought the change? New products have appeared on the market, not just to paint nails, but to strengthen them, layer upon layer, allowing growth and durability.
So where has all this technology come from? Just as you may expect for all other innovations, it’s come straight from the US!

chic-mano-1-cymkAcrylic-based resins were first introduced in the 1950’s by a dentist, who supposedly came up with the idea of using products from his work to fix his wife’s broken fingernail. That got the ball rolling on a much bigger scale… and that was the beginning of a whole new market in the beauty industry, encouraged by women’s growing obsession for fingernails.
Nail salons began spreading throughout the United States: shops specialized in the care of hands and feet, from simple manicures to actual nail reconstructions.
Looking back, the first real nail salon was created in the late 1800’s by Mary Cobb, with an offer limited to manicures.

IMG_6770There are now 20 thousand beauty salons in the US, two thousand in New York City alone, where nail artists work incessantly to meet the request of their clients. It wasn’t untill the 1990’s that this trend landed in Italy, invading the beauty industry with gorgeously painted and decorated nails.
Such an extensive field we are happy to go over from now on, soaring through the evolution of trends and fashions across our two continents and among women of all ages!



by Irene Merlo





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