Miracle of love in 5th Avenue

EditorialeFew days ago, I had the opportunity to witness a very important event in the streets of New York. A great celebration that marked a victory of human rights. What am I talking about? The New York Pride parade that took place along the famous 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The World wanted to be here on that day and, somehow, it was. Luckily, I was there too. What pleasantly surprised me – beside the incredible amount of people of every race and color- was the proof of great love and respect for everyone, no matter if you were gay or not. And on that day, a kind of miracle happened. Countless people gathered along the streets of the Big Apple, not to protest nor to rally against something or someone, not to strike nor to fill the line to buy the latest Iphone. They were there to shoutout to love. Pure and simple love, the sentiment we all aim to, since forever. Sometimes it’s a bit complicated, unfortunately. Complications given most of the time by society that arrogantly impose what is the common belief of normality. It was everything but normal out there, that day. Happily, I would dare to say. Because the word “normal” is so overrated. Although, the whole colorful, merry and happy crowd that was having good time all together, embracing diversity and professing love, was the most powerful picture of what normality should be. It was been ages the last time we saw something so impressive. Harm and discrimination were finally left behind. It’s been just a big party for everyone. Watching all those happy people sharing their love and feelings without boundaries, reminded me of how amazing is this crazy life of ours. We keep on living but we often forget the meaning of it. This is America today, folks! A place where a rainbow can color a grey sky, with love and music.I can’t stop my self from thinking if Italy is ready to embrace differences without any fear, like what’s happening here or will we keep hiding behind our history?

Love is love. Simple as it.


by Alessandro Parrello


 © All rights reserved

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