Marco Gallotta: The Italian artist in New York… for Chanel !

Ph by Marco Carimando

Marco Gallotta is an Italian artist in New York. Better put, he is a down-to-earth Italian artist in New York.

His studio is located in the basement of a beautiful building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, bordering Harlem, a step away from the newly opened complex of Columbia University, designed by Renzo Piano. The gentrification of the Big Apple affected Marco, especially the expansion of Columbia, forcing him to move several times. But moving has never been a problem for him. After all, he got here from Battipaglia, Salerno province in Italy, through Trentino and London.

Marco’s art work featuring Leonardo Di Caprio

On the rooftop, he attends a nice little vegetable garden. Marco is deeply urban, but nature plays an equally important role for him, both in his life and in his work. Although he has his background in fashion, and is inspired by the famous icons of the entertainment industry, his craftsmanship is revealed through a language that speaks the rhythms of the wind, the waves of the sea, and furrows of the earth.

Marco in his studio. Ph by Marco Carimando

Chanel, perhaps the most glamorous fashion house in the world, already asked Marco to display his devotion to nature. This time, he will give substance to the scent. In a special event in Houston on November 29, he will exhibit a series of works related to sixteen fragrances of the fashion house. Marco will go back to Salerno very soon to hold an exhibition at Palazzo Fruscione, alongside with the photographer Marco Carimando. It will highlight another inspiration of his, the cinema. The roots are never to be forgotten.

by Giulia Carbone

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