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March 8: Happy Women’s day in Italy

mimosaThe celebration day began in 1909 in USA

International Women’s Day is a popular holiday in Italy, celebrated every year on March 8 and Italian men are going to celebrate it with the traditional gift of yellow mimosas to their beloved women.

The origin of this celebration day was on February 23rd 1909 by the American Socialist Faction that, on February 28, decided to organize the first event to talk about the woman voting rights. Subsequently, the Socialist International that took place in Copenhagen in 1910, decided to launch the idea of ​​an International Women’s Day in an international perspective, but still without a common day for every Country.

However, right after that, the celebration took place in several countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, becoming over the years, the most comprehensive part of the protest against the World War. Decisive was also the Russian contribution in 1917: women’s protests against the War happened in late February, coinciding, according to the date of the Gregorian calendar, with March 8th. On June 14, 1921 the Second International Conference of Communist women, held in Moscow a week before the opening of the III Congress of the Communist International, declared March 8 as the “International Day of the woman worker.

For a real formalization in Italy, we have to wait the 70’s, when the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, coinciding with the International Year of Women in 1975.

international-women-s-dayToday the celebration of “Women’s day” has become more similar to Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day. Women receive bouquets of mimosa flowers from their beloved men, friends, or employers. The mimosa flower was chosen by Italian feminists as the symbol of the holiday in 1946, to mark the first occasion of the holiday after the end of World War II. It is the spring flower and It was chosen because of its bright color and fragrant scent. Italy is also the land of great food so, through the years were created many culinary interpretation of the mimosa, to honor of this day: mimosa eggs (similar to deviled eggs), linguine mimosa (with curry to create the yellow of the flower), tagliatelle mimosa (with finely scrambled eggs), risotto mimosa and, of course, the tasty Mimosa cake!

So if you happen to find yourself in Italy today, you will certainly have the opportunity to be in some of the many events in restaurants, pubs, and clubs, organized for all the women… eventually with their men!

But just like other holidays, even Women’s day became, over the time, too commercialized and less close to its original meaning but, above all, it’s always a holiday!

Happy Women’s day ladies!

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