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Luca Calvani: the Italian man from U.N.C.L.E.

photo credit: Stefano Galuzzi for Brioni

The man from U.N.C.L.E., the new action, comedy, spy film directed by Guy Ritchie, in theaters since August 10th, (in Italy since September 2nd) filmed in Rome, stars also an Italian charming man: Mr. Luca Calvani, who plays the villain against the Man of Steel Henry Cavill. Born in Tuscany but World citizen, Luca collected many important experiences between Italy and New York. After winning the reality show Survivor, he worked hard to show his talent until the day he met Guy Ritchie who gave him the role of Alexander. Today he has a family, a 6 years old daughter and looks to the future in a different perspective.

Luca let’s talk about this film. What kind of experience was it for you?

I enjoyed it like crazy. But in general all the actors had fun. I worked next to these young movie stars, humbles and friendly and none of them had the attitude of the star. One of the greatest thing is the human confront that I got in this experience. Besides I invited them few times into my apartment in Rome making pizza! That doesn’t happen to me very often. My Italian colleagues have never been into my house. Too bad because I’m a pizza master! LOL

How was your first meeting with Guy Ritchie?

It was love at first sight. I went through it thanks to a self tape that I sent weeks before for the audition. We met on August 13th 2013 in London and it was magic. We talked for three hours about everything, from textile technology to spirituality and about life in general. Guy is a great captain, a great viveur and a great professional. He has a genuine enthusiasm for life that is contagious. He is a man who is constantly trying to improve himself, listening others and asking questions and opinions. When he thanks you, you feel that he is really grateful. Guy is cool and a great source of inspiration.

What is the most important moment of your career?

Definitely the meeting with Guy. He subjectively changed my career by giving it a new direction. In Italy I’ve been often ignored and never considered for a serious audition in 10 years. But maybe it was also my fault because I was going in the wrong direction. After the success and fame of the reality show I was convinced that I made it, but I was wrong. That was just an illusion. Now, my role in this film is not a main one, but the type of project is  certainly much different and the pay off is very important for many reasons. So, meeting him changed the game because suddenly I didn’t feel rejected but satisfied, getting the attention of an international audience.

LucaHave you ever thought about quitting acting?

Yes, I did actually! I’m not doing this job just to pay the mortgage, but I try to do it for the magic and beauty that acting can gives me. At certain point of my career I was not having gratification and stimulation anymore and I quit for a while. Then two years ago I created my own business of candles and fragrances, because of my need of doing something excellent. But then something happened and when energy attracts other energy, everything goes back right amazingly.

Today at 40 what vision of the World you have?

I see that we’re all desperately looking to appear and affirm our ego outside, but inside we feel empty and possibly we start to be worried about this. I think we should wake up from the illusion of living under certain habits that society created. The ego can destroy a whole life and today we reached the highest level of egocentrism, neglecting our personal well-being. I honestly tell you that today I still have to figure out moth to month how to maintain my family, which is my first priority. Sometimes I do a side job other than acting and I’m happy because there is a great dignity in it. I appreciate much more the simple things that I get everyday and the Universe will do the rest in order to gives you what you really want.

When did you go to New York for the first time?

The first time I was 18 and I went there for a stage. Then I returned a year later and I stayed for 10 years. In NYC I experienced almost everything for the first time: my 1st apartment, bank account, job and income tax return. I’ve done so many different jobs like waiting tables, bartending and also the sandwich man but, at the end of the day, I came home and I was proud to have moved and attracted plenty of positive energy in my life. It was tiring but also motivating.

Why did you decide to go back to Italy then?

Because after so many years at some point I felt that I was no longer growing on a personal level and I wanted to confront with others in my own Country. It was hard to come back starting again from zero, but I needed to renew a relationship with my family, which was the real reason for my return. I found a welcoming Rome and today I’m glad I made that choice because otherwise I would have missed many things.

What makes you you happy the most today?

Seeing my daughter smiling. Seeing her so well disposed to discover the World and teaching her to love every step is a big responsibility but gives me back the meaning of life.


by Alessandro Parrello




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