Leicester wins the Premiere League and goes into football history

Ranieri Vardy
Claudio Ranieri and Jamie Vardy

May 2, 2016 will remain impressed for a long time in football and sport history. Leicester won the Premiere League for the first time in its 132 years of history also thanks to an Italian coach, Mr. Claudio Ranieri. 100% Italian, from Rome, he’s certainly the creator of this incredible success, an extraordinary revenge towards those whom considered him finished as a top level coach. The blue Foxes celebrated after the 2-2 draw of Tottenham, which was the main competitor of the season, in the postponement played yesterday against the other blues of London, Chelsea. A decisive result which follows the other draw, the one played yesterday at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Ranieri’s boys. After 97 minutes of an intense mach, at the referee’s whistle, there was an explosion of joy, blue colored, among tears and shouts of celebration. The King Power Stadium was besieged by supporters and TV channels from all over the world. It’s hard to express in words the feeling of being in such historical moment. It was definitely the craziest of the last years of the Premier League title, where the big ones, Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool had to bow to the effrontery of a team that had the eye of the tiger… I mean, the eye of the fox!

But it is precisely here that Ranieri’s masterpiece emerges, by having given an identity to a team of just good players…once! Alongside Mr. Ranieri, the man of the year is Jamie Vardy, 28, English striker with a strong eye for goal and an irrepressible passion for beer. He has a crazy career, just like the title of Leicester. Vardy played soccer for several years, more as a hobby than anything else, while he was working hard in a factory. Then suddenly goals after goals, he made his big break in the Premier. Now here is the fairy tail: Hollywood might do a film about his career, with Robert De Niro starring as Mr. Ranieri. Not bad for an unknown striker until a few months ago and an experienced coach forgotten too quickly from the Bel Paese.

by Pierluigi Cascianelli
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