Legendary Italian movie star Bud Spencer died at 86

Bud_Spencer_2Rome, June 27, 2016 – It’s a sad day for the Italian cinema because legendary beloved star Bud Spencer died today. The actor, born Carlo Pedersoli, in 1929, died in the afternoon at the age of 86 years. His son Giuseppe gives the news saying: “Dad flew away peacefully at 6.15pm He did not suffer, having all the family next to him and his last word was ‘thank you’.

For everybody He was the gentle giant of Italian cinema, paired with his friend Terence Hill. The bearded big man of the spaghetti westerns of the ’70s, those that made falling in love two generations of kids with the legendary film They Call Me Trinity, which became the highest grossing italian film of the time.

Bud Spencer was actually a star with a long and multifaceted career who, alongside the more popular films, he has had the opportunity to star in different genres, from thrillers (directed by Dario Argento in Four Flies on Grey Velvet), or the dramas by Ermanno Olmi and Carlo Lizzani. So many experiences, so many successes, and even a bit of bitterness for not being sufficiently considered in the last years by the film industry. “In Italy Terence Hill and I simply do not exist for critics – he complained – despite the great popularity that we have today among children and young people”. But in 2010 they finally were awarded a David di Donatello (the Italian Oscar) lifetime achievement award.

His last appearance on TV was in 2010 with the TV series “Chef’s crimes”, and last year He had been celebrated in Naples with a medal for his long career. Together or separate, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill have made one of the happiest moments in the history of Italian cinema: from the unforgettable series of ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ renamed in “comic western”, the comic adventure films, to the international productions. The two actors will always remain as the most beloved duo of Italian cinema. But Carlo Pedersoli was not only an actor, his name was in fact already written in the glorious pages of the Italian swimming.

As a great athlete, Carlo Pedersoli on September 19 1950, lowers the minute limit scoring on a 100 m 59 “7, that improves three tenths Brunelleschi’s record set in 1948. The Federation, however, immediately warned of exploits, did not validate the record for the lack of official judges. So the next day He repeated the test with the trappings of officialdom and the stopwatch displayed a magnificent 59 “5. For the first time an Italian athlete went below one minute.

In some recent interviews he has always declared that in his life he did everything except two jobs: the dancer and the jockey, because of his massive physical stature.

TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME!, (aka CONTINUAVANO A CHIMARLO TRINITA), from left, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, 1972
TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME!, (aka CONTINUAVANO A CHIMARLO TRINITA), from left, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, 1972

Among all his experiences, in fact he also worked as librarian, pilot, embassy secretary and much more, just like the American stars. Back in Rome, thanks to sculptural physique, he was hired as an extra in ‘Quo Vadis?‘ and then he ends up on the set of ‘Hannibal‘ where he never met the young actor Mario Girotti – Terence Hill – who will become his excellent partner a few years later. It’s thanks to Mario Monicelli that He got the first real role in ‘A Hero of Our Times’ (1955). In 1960 He returned to South America for a long period away from his interests.

When He returned to Italy again, he opened his own Company, married Maria Amato (the daughter of the important producer Peppino Amato), who gives birth to the first two children. Pedersoli writes songs and gets some success.

But it’s in 1967 that he finally get the lead role in the western movie “God forgives… I don’t!” by Giuseppe Colizzi, where Pedersoli meets here again Mario Girotti.

Altrimenti ci arrabbiamoThe duo decide at the end of the principal photography, to change their names on the posters to attract the audience and Pedersoli chooses to be called Bud Spencer, after his favorite beer, Budweiser, and in honor of his favorite American actor Spencer Tracy. The film is a success, but with the next one ‘They Call Me Trinity‘ (by Enzo Barboni, 1970), they become two icons. A real love at first sight with the audience that will be repeated, infallible, for other 16 films. Cowboy or investigator (the series by Steno ‘Big Foot cop’), adventurer or a good father, Bud Spencer even invented a type of hammer fist, that will remain immortal in the history of our cinema.

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