“Laura Pausini is bringing Christmas to 60 Countries around the world”


In the album I’ve tried to combine two of my desires: to make the Christmas album and make it swing.” Laura Pausini, after his 2008 spring, is bringing Christmas to 60 Countries around the world and in advance.

On November 4, in fact, it has been released worldwide the album “LauraXmas” – “LauraNavidad” (Atlantic Warner Music), in double English and Spanish version.
An album with 12 classics of the Christmas Holidays, recorded in swing key, strongly desired by Laura and masterfully directed by Patrick Williams Orchestra.
The album was recorded in the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, the best spot to achieve a delicate and fabulous sound needed.
Patrick Williams, born in 1939, historic producer of artists such as Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand, said about the Italian singer: “Laura is one of the best performers I’ve ever met.”
This project is made to be listened in the typical place that belongs to the collective imagination: a mountain house! Who, among us, has not dreamed of being in a Jane Austen-style cottage, sitting in front of a fireplace, that gives off the air a wood trail burned, sipping a cup of hot chocolate and wrapped in a soft plaid while a snowstorm whitens the horizon?
The cover of the album is already a Fairytale, which depicts the artist wrapped into a long red cloak, suspended on a swing with ivy and mistletoe, in a snowy forest. It’s a strong reminder of the Disney atmospheres.
To create this magical graphic is Mr. Josh Smith, master of contemporary photography, who knows the exact moment when real and the unreal meet in an explosion of ephemeral illusion.
“LauraXmas” is a light album, recorded with just the right mood of hilarity, the result of the dream that the same singer matured for 15 years; after convincing her own record company to give life to this project, Laura put her vocal versatility to record this Christmas songs, that she used to sing as a teenager in the Church of Solarolo in Italy.
The first single from this new work is “Santa Claus is coming to town“, one of the most beautiful and engaging classic. The song is followed by a music video shot in Teatro Comunale Ebe Stignani in Imola, along with Pausini’s fans.

Song after song the album is filled with joy, making us anxious to be swallowed up in the vortex of the Holidays, caressed by notes of “White Christmas” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas“.
There is no time, however, to be enslaved by nostalgic romanticism, because Laura immediately makes us dance with his “Feliz Navidad“, written by José Feliciano in 1970, that became one of the most important songs in American history.

Our childhood song, “Silent Night” closes the album and recalls the night of Christmas Eve while waiting for Santa’s presents.
”LauraXmas” undoubtedly has a dual common thread; on one hand there is the desire of the artist to make a Christmas gift, with a red ribbon on gold paper, on the other hand we have the amazing newness to enjoy her voice in an crooning dimension.
Finally something different from her purely pop repertoire and the wonder of discovering Laura Pausini who, with her 23 years of career, she wants to explore unknown territories, bringing them back to a natural habitat where you breathe the essence of the family.

by Libero Bentivoglio

© All rights reserved

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