Kathryn Gallagher: the success on Broadway and a life written between LA and NYC

Kathryn GallagherKathryn Gallagher, a very talented American singer, with an incredibly beautiful voice. Daughter of well-known actor Peter Gallagher, Kathryn is pursuing her music career in NYC being part of fantastic music shows including acclaimed Broadway production Spring Awakening.

Ciao Kathryn. Could you tell us a bit about Spring Awakening?

Hello! Yes! Spring Awakening was a play written in 1891 by a man named Frank Wedekind about young teenagers in an oppressive German society and how that effected their lives. Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater adapted it into an incredible rock musical it ran on Broadway about 10 years ago. In our production, half of our cast is Deaf and we play that reality in the show. If an actor is Deaf, so is the character. In 1891, the Milan Conference had just happened, ruling that sign language could no longer be taught in schools and they had to teach Deaf students through oralism. This made it near impossible to succeed as a Deaf student and denied Deaf people their culture and community. So for us, the divide between teacher/student, parent/child, that major lack of communication becomes even more drastic when these teachers and this society is literally taking their language and ability to communicate away. Our entire show is performed simultaneously in ASL and english, the Deaf actors have a hearing counterpart in the band who are also on stage with them. The hearing actors are signing while singing. Everyone’s doing everything. It’s wild.

How did you get involved with that, and what’s your role?

I voice for one of the Deaf characters, I’m a guitarist and I am the dance captain. So my character is Martha Bessell and she is abused by her father, we perform a song called “The Dark I Know Well” all about that. It’s a heavy tune. I also  play guitar with two other guitarist/actors in the show so we’re always on stage as the orchestra essentially and I am the dance captain so it’s my job to know all of the choreography and make sure the show stays clean and the understudies are prepared if they ever need to go on!

 Kathryn Gallagher 2Where did your passion for music and singing come from?

I have no clue! I can’t remember a time I wasn’t singing and writing and dancing. It’s just always been a part of what I do.

For a young person that wants to pursue a music career, what city between New York and LA do you think is the most appropriate or convenient one?

This is such a hot topic in my life right now! I have NO CLUE. For me, being in New York has been so amazing, there are so many different communities and different industries that come together here more so than in LA which is mainly an entertainment town. That being said, LA has a TON of incredible writers and producers and artists so really the dream is to keep living between the two. Right now I wanna be where ever my next job takes me! … whatever that may be!

What do you know about Italian cinema and music?

I studied a lot of Italian cinema when I was in high school and a huge film nerd, Fellini is one of my all time favorite directors – La Strada one of my favorite films. Music I more recently learned about, I had some songs in a film with an Italian director, Roberto Faenza and our soundtrack was all Elisa and one song from me so I got into her music quite a bit. I think she’s amazing.

Kathryn Gallagher, Peter Gallagher
Kathryn Gallagher and Peter Gallagher

Do you think at some point you’ll also pursue an acting career?

Absolutely, I love acting and I always have. I’ve studied and it’s something I definitely want to continue. I’m always doing music, I’m always writing and I’m always playing so when there’s a job that’s right for me or a project, acting wise, that I’m really passionate about, it never feels like I’m putting music on hold, it’s just an addition, another part of me. I love it, I hope to do more!

Tell us about your future plans and shows. Where can we see you next?

Who knows!! I’ll definitely be doing some smaller gigs around New York and LA, going to focus on making an EP that I really love and focus on being in the studio, getting some recordings together. You can always see me on the internet, twitter: @kathryng instagram: @kathryngallagher that’s where I’ll talk about shows and stuff, right now I’m just savoring the last few moments of Spring Awakening and trying to map out my next move. It definitely involves more music though, so stay tuuuuuuned!

by Gabriele Scarfone
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