Italian Vs American beauty bloggers: challenge to the last review

MAKE UPUntil a few years ago the cosmetics companies were spending a lot of their resources and energy to achieving the perfect marketing strategy for the launch of a new product; but today with the help of the new “Amazons” of the web, everything is easier.

Who are we talking about? Obviously about the Beauty Bloggers!

Today the Beauty Line of West 46th Magazine will talk about these new you tube stars that seem to dominate the world of beauty. What is their role? Anticipate new trends, review any type of product, seek partnerships with the giants of makeup.

What differentiates Italian Beauty Bloggers from American ones?

The trend was born and developed in America a few years ago and sees girls (very often not professional) start their own adventure in the world of “web makeup.” The Beauty Bloggers Made in Italy instead, as explained by one of them, Daniela Virzì (Ela’s tricks), “they are simple, clear and competitive, eager to test the latest cosmetic products and have extensive knowledge of both new old brand all over the world “.

Real goddesses of beauty, instead, the American Beauty Bloggers jaw-dropping for their talent and their great ease in front of the web cam. They are definitely more careful and meticulous in their work and it is perhaps for this reason that their YouTube channels or their blogs, are increasing more and more the number of followers by giving them fame and notoriety. Precisely for this reason the US cosmetics companies, unlike the Italian, are certainly more likely in initiating collaborations with these queens of the web. Beauty bloggers are not only gurus in their own right, but are constantly serving up great beauty advice, awesome pictures and different points of view.

Waiting to see a collaboration between these two so different “worlds” and yet so similar, we can not but continue to follow their post and their beauty tips we love so much!

Stay Beauty!


by Valentina Cipriani
© All rights reserved

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