Italian President Sergio Mattarella visits New York

mattarella New YorkNew York February 11, 2016Today I’m a New Yorker.” These are the closing words of Italian President Sergio Mattarella greeting the city of New York, by warm applause of the representatives of the Italian-American community, who gathered in the spaces of the Guggenheim Museum, to meet the new Italian president. With them also the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo.

Looking at the Italian community the President said: “You represent a bridge between the US and Italy. You are US citizens, loyal to your Country, however, you never stopped looking to Italy.” Mattarella also emphasized that the relations between Italy and the US are very close today citing the contribution of associations of Italian Americans.

The President also recalled the contribution of Italian talent to New York and, citing the extraordinary work of the architect Renzo Piano, said: “I would like in particular to recall a work that is not just made by Italian talent but that has an Italian name: Giovanni da Verrazano. That great bridge, with its long and impressive spans, connects Staten Island to Brooklyn; its construction has allowed millions of people to admire the majesty. For many years, following the intuition of two people, including an Italian-American, thousands of people, from all over the world, gather on that bridge for a sporting challenge, unique in the world: the New York City Marathon.

MattarellaThe visit continued at Columbia University where the President spoke about migrant, telling to the students: “It makes no sense to fight migration, we must govern them.” The President also dedicated part of his speech to the BelPaese. With the latest reforms Italy grows and recovers competitiveness. The reforms under way in Italy, from the Senate to that tax are “steps that are enabling significant improvements in efficiency and competitiveness for our Country, whose economy, not surprisingly, it returned to growth in 2015 and – according to the most reliable predictions – will consolidate this positive trend in 2016”.

We really thank our President Sergio Mattarella for talking about the Italian Culture in an international perspective.

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