Italian cinema celebrates Anna Magnani 60 years after the Oscar

Actor Giancarlo Giannini – ph by Michele Simolo

On March 21, 1956 in Los Angeles Jerry Lewis announced to the world and to Italy the name of Anna Magnani, the greatest Italian actress of all times, who won the Oscar for Best Actress for the film “The Rose Tattoo“. It was a great thrill and a historic event for Italy because it was the first time ever that an Italian actress received the most important awards in the world. After Anna, only Sophia Loren had the privilege to receive it for “Two Women“. When they reached Anna Magnani on the phone late that night, she thought it was a joke and got mad. Instead it was all true!

Last night, exactly 60 years later, the diva was celebrated again in front of a crowded audience of people and some of the most acclaimed Italia superstars of contemporary cinema, waiting to receive the ANNA MAGNANI Award at the “Casa del Cinema” palace. The event, organized and hosted by Francesca Piggianelli and Matteo Persica (author of the book “Anna Magnani, biography of a woman”), was an incredible success.

Among the winners of this third edition were the artists: Valeria Golino (Rain man, Hot shots), Lina Sastri, Gianni Togni, who composed a song dedicated to Anna, then Gincarlo Giannini, who won the international prize and Giulia Michelini, Anna Magnani young Award, received by our director Alessandro Parrello. Young Artist Award also to the singer Antò. The actress Lidia Vitale read a beautiful passage of Persica’s book. Among the distinguished guests of the evening, there were also the producer Giampietro Preziosa, the director Marco Simon Puccioni, Saverio Vallone, Catena Fiorello and the producer Pietro Innocenzi, just to name a few. “Anna Magnani leaves us all a bit squashed” said Valeria Golino while receiving her award who also said “we as actors can try to do the best work possible, giving life to our characters, we can be something else, but with the knowledge that we will never be as big as Anna was.

Here some other picture by photographer Michele Simolo:

Piggianelli - Persica


Lidia Vitale

Michelini - Preziosa - Persica - Parrello - Piggianelli

Lina Sastri - Giannini


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