Irene Fornaciari will represent Italy at the Viña Mar Festival

Just one year after the release of “This time”,  Sugar’s daughter talks about her growth and her international “dreams”


Although her popularity went up and down, Irene Fornaciari has on her side an important last name: She is Sugar’s daughter and very talented on her own!

Irene found her way to make it into the music and in 2016, after 4 years of absence from the scene, stood out at the popular Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Blue”. 

The single, is a strong piece that talks about immigration and preceded the release of the album “This Time”: a very thoughtful work, with melancholic and dreamy atmospheres, but capable of modernity, as in “Dragons in the sky“; capable to fly, as in “Paradise is lost” with its blues aftertaste / gospel; of irony on everyday life as in “From the window of my house” and again, to wink slyly as in “The perfect day.

A year has passed since the publication of this record and I must say that the promotion has gone very well: it allowed me to perform in live concerts across Italy in a different guise than I used to do before. When you stop performing for a long time, the risk is always to be forgotten, but fortunately this work was very well acclaimed.

Irene’s voice in the album reveals great sweetness, in general it’s more mature, deeper and more intense than in the past: I have experienced a new vocal style, I discovered a new vocality, I found myself more reflective and the work of the previous has been very important to enhance the voice.


Love is the main theme of the album, told in its various faces; actually it wasn’t just love to inspire me: life, probably, has brought me more often to meditate on many aspects of existence and being agnostic, even on spirituality and human feelings in a broader sense.

Is there any song in particular that represents your most memorable moments, which you feel more connected to?

Actually, there is a little me in every song, even the ones that I haven’t written: the authors who contributed to the making of the album – Saverio Grandi, Emiliano Cecere, Diego Calvetti, Federica Abbate, Niccolò Agliardi, Andrea Amati Luca Chiaravalli, Marco Ciappelli, Beppe Dati, Francesco Sighieri – They hardly know me perfectly and I couldn’t sing a song that I do not feel. If I had to choose a song in particular, though, I would say An amulet: being inspired by the death of my uncle was certainly the most suffered moment, but the beauty of music is the fact that everyone whom listen it can make it personal.

Your experience with the Sanremo Festival began in 2009: how do you see yourself, since then, after all these years? Have you changed somehow?

A key thing I learned is that instead of add, you have to remove: the beginning of a any career  we all tend to overdo and risk to loose the emotion, which is the most important thing to reach people’s heart. When I compose, by the way, now I put much more attention to the lyrics, while previously I used to research the particular sound, the arrangements or catchy melodies.

In February you’ll be in Chile to represent Italy at the Viña Mar Festival with your single “This Time” and that will be an opportunity for you to be on television, throughout South America …

I am very happy because for many years I had the desire of bringing my music outside of Italy. My two friends Franco Cortese Michele Simone attended previously this Festival and they always talked about it with enthusiasm: the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater welcomes 45 thousand spectators, so I imagine it’s a significant emotional blow: I’m a little bit positively nervous, to be honest!


For your experience, how is the Italian music welcomed abroad? At the beginning of your career, by the way, you’ve got to be on international stages next to your dad: what’s the difference between Italy and other Countries in terms of feeling the music?

I can say that Italians, musically, are very well considered in South America. My experience abroad though, is still limited to the opening concerts, however, I’ve always kept a positive impression: people, in some ways, seems to be less biased abroad and above all, just like in films, they have the curiosity to listen songs in the original language and not just adapted to their language.

One of your international collaboration was with the producer of “Messin with my head” Jan Van Der Toorn. How was that experience? Would you like to sing in English again?

I have a great love for soulful R&B music, so it was definitely an experience that I was willing to do and I definitely want to repeat.


by Candy Valentino

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