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In New York opens the first virtual reality center

samsung GEAR VRFrom cinema to reality. The South Korean giant Samsung, which recently launched the viewers Gear VR to a modest price of 99 dollars, will open a virtual reality “center” in New York. It was announced by the Sundance Film Festival, the US independent film festival that this year tip right on the new technology, which has forged a partnership with Samsung in order to encourage directors and producers to create films that are implicating the use of virtual reality.

With the developing of this new technology, even the other Companies are obviously in pole position; Apple has indeed hired prof. Doug Bowman of Virginia Tech, which lately has jointly won a grant of $100K from Microsoft to conduct research for Hololens, the viewers for augmented reality.

YouTube has instead recently introduced the status of ‘evangelist’ for virtual reality, for Scott Broock. What about Facebook? Yes, They are also in frontline with their Oculos Rift, already in pre orders at a price of $ 600.

As for the virtual reality center in New York, Samsung has not released many details yet, except telling that they will produce examples of immersive reality.

We at WEST 46TH MAG just had the opportunity to experience personally these new “toys” and we assure you that the effect is really immersive and very much real! Be careful not to get addicted!

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