Giorgio Minisini, the young Italian dolphin of synchronized swimming

minisini-bronzo3If in Italy the synchronized swimming began to get the attention of the major national newspapers, it’s  also thanks to Giorgio Minisini. Born in Ladispoli in 1996, the Italian dolphin has already achieved several stages, giving themselves, and giving to Italy two historic medals at the World Championships held in Kazan last summer. Russia was a crucial step in the career of the young athlete of Ladispoli, interviewed by our staff during one of his rare breaks from training in the pool.

Giorgio, when did you start to practice this discipline?

I started when I was 6, driven by the example of my brother. Since the beginning, I focused on a single goal: the victory. I have always been very competitive, a way of being that is part of my personality and it was crucial to achieve my goals. The first real race? It was in a regional championship. I placed 14th, a very well result, considering my young age of 6 years old.

The synchronized swimming at the men category broke through thanks to your recent performances. Is it because of the bronze medal that you won in Russia in mixed doubles?

Absolutely yes, it was very important to do well in a prestigious challenge like that. Now this sport is better known, but still it has a great  potential growth.

Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini

Russia, but not only. There were other significant milestones in your sports career?

Two in particular. The United States and China. In the US, in Las Vegas, I did my first race at the international level, following the example of Bill May. In China, however, a collegiate taught me many things, primarily about discipline, but, above all, the culture of the sport.

How impegnative is your training during the week?

I train every day, I usually start at 8am until 6pm, doing a hard work interspersed with a just lunch break. Basically I get up out of bed and I dive in the pool, then I go out of the tub and I go back to bed to rest. A terrible life … Seriously I’m certainly not complaining, I do what I love to do and I want to keep doing this for many more years.

Do you have time for a pizza with friends?

I always try to find time for that, at least one a week, but I try not to neglect even my girlfriend, she still super busy with the University. Womanizer me? I’ve never felt like that even if, thanks to this sport, I have met so many girls. To be always on top in this discipline I have to stay focused and consider it the priority. I’ve always done it since I was a child.

What are your future plans?

The most important is the European Institute of London which will be held in May from the 9th to 22nd. It’s going to be another very prestigious opportunity where I’ll try to do my best, once again, competing in mixed doubles.

by Pierluigi Cascianelli


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