Gaia Gozzi. Dreaming great does not fail

The memory isn’t far: last December the tenth edition of X Factor Italia TV broadcast ended and the young Italian-Brazilian singer Gaia caught the attention of the public and of the judges, consecrating her debut in the music record world with the single in “New Dawns”, written in English.

In May 2017 we’ve heard her voice among the hits transmitted on the radio thanks to the seductive rhythm of the song “Fotogramas”, written by Gaia along with Fausto Cogliati, in Portuguese and English language, foretelling the arrival of a new record project.

Between “New Dawns” and “Photograms”, during 5 intense months your life has totally changed. What happened after X Factor? Consider that I had never done anything before, I never even sang in front of people I didn’t know! Perhaps just launching myself in such a big business with a good dose of unconsciousness, in a sense, saved me from fears and anxieties. My life, as you say, has radically changed and, after the end of the tv program, many doors have opened to me: in the choices I have made since then, after having “experienced” so many new things, I’m trying to go back to doing what I truly love, that is music. In this period of time, surely, the news that Giorgia wanted me to open the concerts of her tour was one of the most important and unforgettable moments. And then I finally realized my first single, “Fotogramas”, which I think is the right compromise between what I have built inside X Factor and what I have always been.

The collaboration with Fausto Cogliati began during the television show and is going on: how is it to work with him? Fausto is really a “guru” for me! As well as being an exceptional musician, I believe he is a special person, and we have created great empathy among us.

“Fotogramas” video is wonderful: in what locations did you shoot it? How was this experience? First of all I must tell the song was born while I was still busy promoting “New Dawns”. I was always around and I never had time to go to the recording studio and throw down new ideas. When we finally found a free day with Fausto, I was rather in a crooked mood because I should hurry but perhaps this made me right productive! We listened to music, tried to play and sing, put together the ideas and the song was born so, in a day. At first it was all in English, later we thought about adapting some verses in Portuguese. So I also wanted to participate to the realization of ​​the video, because I’m so fond of telling mine, always telling something about my story. With the director Morbioli we shot scenes at Sabaudia sea place – although it looks like an exotic location – and we’ve put some pictures of Rio de Janeiro.

Tell us your news and your upcoming projects: are you working on an album? Yes, I’m finally finding time to work on new tracks together with Fausto and there is an album project: I want to be a music author and not only a singer.

I noticed that the cover picture of “Fotogramas” shows you wearing a wrapped scarf around your head. You had a similar look at the X Factor auditions and then, following the suggestions of the judges, you removed that handkerchief. During the tv program we saw you with several looks. Why did you go back to that one? X Factor was an exploration route but after experiencing I thought so much about what I wanted to “keep” of the program and what instead didn’t represent me. And I realized that that I was missing that look!

So since the broadcast ended, did you feel more free to express yourself as an artist and to choose your own image? Surely I feel more aware rather than more “free” because honestly there has never been anyone who told me “wear this, don’t wear that!”

What do you know about the other talent show’s competitors? Sometimes we call each other, I talked with the Soul System, Roshelle, Eva: they are all very busy and this makes me happy.

Your approach to music is very international: are you dreaming to have success abroad? In fact my songwriting approach is somewhat “overseas” but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew by planning a “career” abroad … but dreaming is not bad and it would be great to have a chance to evaluate my audience in Brazil or in the United States.

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