Frank Jerky: From New York to Rome to shoot his first feature film

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Frank Jerky – photo editor Federica Dall’Orso

In the panorama of young Italian, there are some, maybe a few, who have the courage to leave and compete abroad to hone their craft and put it into practice giving themselves a chance to live their dream. Among these, here in New York we found Frank Jerky, Roman, born in 1985, which for some years has made New York his second home to practice directing talent. He is now ready to come back to Italy to complete his first feature film “La partita” (The match).

Frank when did you arrive here in New York?

In August 2007. I studied at NYFA a year, then I tried to stay to give myself a different opportunity and at the end I’m still here.

What memories do you have of your beginnings in New York?

Very beautiful memories. Having the chance to study here was a real belssing. I was very lucky, for all the  opportunities that were given to me and for the amazing people I have met.

How does our Bella Italia look from here?

She’s far. Not only physically, unfortunately. Sometimes I miss home, in fact, growing up I miss it more and more. But whenI open a newspaper, I read about Salvini, and nostalgia goes away immediately.

You are a young director who has also won major awards. Do you still have the American dream or do you sometimes think about a career in Italy?

I do not think I have ever had the American dream. I had a dream. Mine was a creative need that I had to vent. I would be sick otherwise.“Where” is just an accessory. Obviously a city like New York is very nice and exciting, but even Rome is pretty rich. I guess my answer is yes, I think about a career in Italy, where among other things I will return soon to continue working on my first movie.

The match – photo set

Speaking of it, I know the title is “La Partita” ( The Match) . Tell me about it?

“La Partita” is a project that began as a short film and then it became a feature one. Truth to be said, I’ve always thought about a featured one, I was just scared to say it out loud. It’s the story of several characters whose lives paths cross during a football match between two teams from the outskirts of Rome. Francesco Pannofino plays one of the coach of one of the teams. I would like to say more but at the moment I have more questions  rather than answers.

Asides from your first film, are you working on more projects here in America?

I am currently working with Wrong Way Pictures, the company I founded, we are working on several projects. Right now we are editing the last video of Soul Clap. I’ve just finished shooting the video of the new single by Alex Ferreira, unknown in Italy but here and in Mexico is a real star. I’m editing a documentary on the Damage of Colle der Fomento that should be ready by 2016.

Is it harder to shine as a director here or in Italy?

It’s the public that determines the success. With the internet at your fingertips you have an immediate feedback. It ‘s not so much a matter of where you are but it’s about to be noticed. And of course talent, without it it’s pretty hard to go somewhere.

Frank Jerky on set

What do you say to someone who asks you how to get into the American Dream?

I always recommend to come. You can always go back home. It’s always worthy to dream.

I’ll ask you the same question I asked Federico Massa: Living today in

America, do you feel a free man?

No I do not feel free, but I am comforted by the fact that, in this world, I do not think there are a lot of free people and I’m doing a beautiful job.

Frank Jerky is your stage name. Where does it come from?

It’s very simple. My real name is Francesco Carnesecchi, unpronounceable by Americans. They try, but  they simply can’t.  They seem stutterers, poor things. Jerky is the dry meat. Here they are sold in sachets every deli shop. It’s the closest word to my real name, so I chose it. It  might sound a stupid name, but I don’t care.

According to your experience, what is the main difference on the way of working between USA and Italy?

Americans have an education to work that we don’t have in Italy. Not even in our dreams.

Why did you chose New York and not Los Angeles for your job?

I’ve already answered: It ‘s not a matter of where. Who knows, I might move to Los Angeles.


by Alessandro Parrello


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