Francesco Foti is back in New York City with NIUIÒRC NIUIÒRC

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Francesco Foti

New York, February 3rd. NIUIÒRC NIUIÒRC, with and by Italian actor Francesco Foti, will be on stage at the Bernie Wohl Center on Feb. 4 and 6 at 7:30 pm and on Feb. 7 at 3:00 pm with the Festival In Scena! A performance is a trip. And this very one is a trip that speaks about a trip. A trip through New York and the protagonist himself. After touring in 15 cities around Italy, the show, has already had its debut in the Big Apple.

The first, unforgettable trip alone: New York.

The trip all kids dream of.

But what if this kid is a little grown up, say, 40 years old?

A forty-year-old who longs to be mature but may as well be a kid.

A city which could be legendary, but may turn out to be a havoc.

A trip meant to be a dream, but that may turn into a nightmare.

A show that wants to be a movie and may as well be a book.

LOCANDINA One Man Show in its core, this single act featuring on stage the one actor and two objects, a stool and a pad, his faithful companion of adventures, which will surprisingly transform into a universe of elements. A perky soundtrack plays throughout the many adventures of the protagonist, and just as in a movie, will follow him all the way to the Big Apple. The city that enchants everyone suddenly appears in a new, unique light: through the protagonist’s eyes he gets lost in the streets, pubs and parks of Manhattan, to then wrap it all up again and gather along the words of a rhythmical, fun, sweet story.

The script comes from a travel log of adventures: a forty-year-old’s exploration of New York, for the first time at the mercy of the most diverse city, as well as himself. So you could say it is the story of a training course, where the protagonist discovers a whole new world, which will inevitably lead him to discover himself. The sequence of sketches, literally portrays of everyday city life, is made up of the diversified humanity flooding New York streets. The inhabitants of Niuiòrc Niuiòrc are surreal, almost comics characters, still very human and normal in their eccentricity. They’re outlined to be identified and remembered in the audience’s collective memory to never be forgotten.

The editing is like a film’s, with lights and music as fundamental tools to frame brief, striking scenes as revelations: the arrival, the first day of school, the hotel, the restaurant, the Central Park bench. And most of all the encounter with the “little”, unforgettable characters, essential to paint the picture of this immense city where discoveries, disappointment, encounters, misadventures, love are perceived with candor and a sense of inadequacy that inspire laughter, tears and above all, empathy.

Niuiòrc Niuiòrc born by chance, and still by chance now performing. “I happened to go, “by chance”, to New York for a little over a month and I took about 200 pages worth of notes on my pad, tales and portraits of the diversity of humans in New York. Then, almost by chance, I took a class of scenic structure drama and decided to work with my notes. Over a period of seven months, I put together the story that is at the base of this show, enhancing, changing, writing and trying, following my intuitions and my friends’ important feedback. It is a love story, love for a city, fun, tormented and happy-ending.” says Francesco Foti.

 We already watched the show in Rome and it was delicious so, if you happen to be in NYC this week, you cannot miss this piece of Italian comedy!

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