Federica Dall’Orso presents Street Stage in New York

photos by Federica Dall’Orso

Italian photographer Federica Dall’Orso, based in New York, presents ‘Street Stage’ an ongoing series of photographs featuring dancers in the raw and urban landscape of the City. Federica, who moved to NYC already five years ago, wants to share a new perspective of dance photography where the focus is not the dancing and the technique but the ballerinas feelings and emotions. So what better place than New York can actually transmit these emotions? We’re asking Federica…

Federica why did you choose dance for your photographs?

Dance is a really important part of my life. Dance is my biggest love next to photography and New York. I have been dancing contemporary dance all my life and just a few years ago, due to other working commitment, I had to stop but through photography I found a way to bring dance back into my life. I have to say that selecting the dancers and getting to know them before and during the photo shoots has definitely been my favorite part of the whole process. I have been very lucky because each ballerina shared the same enthusiasm and passion I have about Street Stage.

Where are your dancers generally coming from?

The dancers come from all over the world: Australia, Russia, United States, Italy and England. It’s something that I really love about New York, you literally meet artists from everywhere. There are also three incredibly talented ballerinas from Italy: Verity Azario, Caterina Rago and Serena Giannini. They moved from Italy to New York to follow their dreams.


How do you choose the right location for the shooting?

I walk everywhere. That’s how I pick the right one for the shooting. It’s almost a ritual but at least two times a week I go scouting locations for a few hours until sunset, which is also my favorite time to shoot. As you can see from the photographs I like to play with the light, the shadows, the wind and the movements.

What kind of emotions you get from New York?

I’m not sure if I can’t express in words what I feel for New York, I instead take photos. That’s my way to capture and to show the emotions that this city is giving to me.

I feel alive here and I can be myself. There is a very special sense of belonging, something I can’t feel anywhere else. New York made me the person and photographer I’m today.


Where and until when can we see your exhibition?

In Italy Street Stage is currently exhibiting at the Teatro Cantero in Liguria and in the United States the exhibition will take place at the SoAm studio in New York from September 4th until the end of the month.  In the meanwhile I’m working on bringing the exhibition to London, Moscow and Paris.

Also the official Street Stage website will be ready in any days but the final goal is to make a book. I would like to release the book in the summer 2016. Street Stage is an ongoing project, new photos are always in the making.

What is your professional goal?

My goal is to travel a lot for work. I want to be based in New York and in Italy but also be able to shoot in Asia, Europe and Australia.


by Alessandro Parrello



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