Fausto Brizzi pulls out his 100 days of happiness

Today we had the pleasure to be hosted at Mr. Fausto Brizzi and Claudia Zanella’s house in Rome to talk about movies and novels. She is an established actress who starred in many successful films and wrote her first novel. He is a screenwriter, producer and a successful film director who made his debut with the box office hit Notte prima degli esami (The night before Exams), rewarded in about 50 Italian and international film festivals. The film was the Italian phenomenon of 2006, collecting more than 15 million Euro and creating a series of side initiatives including a successful novel, an academic journal, a Disney cartoon. On august 11 2015 his bestseller 100 days of happiness debuts gets published also in the United States.

How many movies you made?

FAUSTO: Eight plus some bad short movie.

CLAUDIA: About twenty.

How many books did you write?

FAUSTO: Two novels but seven including the ones based on my movies.

CLAUDIA: just one.

What’s the title of your last novel?

FAUSTO: Se mi vuoi bene (If you love me) and talks about a depresses lawyer who tries to help people he loves but he ruins their life instead.

CLAUDIA: Tu e nessun’altra (You and nobody else) Is about two cousins, raised together and they love each other. One of them has a two years old child and one day, one of the two dies unexpectedly and the other one has to find a way to take care of the children.

What’s the situation in the publishing Industry today in Italy?

FAUSTO: Today unfortunately it’s in crisis like many other arts like music, cinema industry and theater. Publishing is more affected than the others because people is distracted. Young people don’t read anymore, old people neither, specially man. I found out that almost all of my readers are women and not young.

CLAUDIA: People don’t read that much, due to crisis and not everybody can spend almost 20 Euros for a book.

How much time do you need to write a novel?

FAUSTO: it depends. My first one was elaborate for more that one year and then written in three months. The second one little less but I would say I write a movie faster than a novel.

CLAUDIA: I can tell you the only experience that I had; It took almost 5 years.


FAUSTO: I know this one! The Beforeists are people whom appreciate the past better. Somehow they prefer the old fashioned and I’m one of those. The Duringists are most of the Italians, whom are enjoying the present without thinking about the future and the Afterists are the beautiful minds, the scientists or the big artists.

Your debut novel, 100 days of happiness in coming in USA on august 11. In Italy it’s a bestseller but what are the differences from the original version?

FAUSTO: It’s curious, because the American versione will be a little different from the others, even from the British one. They wanted me to insert about 20 more pages of Italian gastronomy. The main location of the story is a bakery with much more recipes and much more Italian taste.

What’s the x factor for a successful novel

ZanellaCLAUDIA: First of all the story, is thrills people and if well advertised. In fact if the publisher invests on you promoting the book on major outlets, the result will be definitely much better.

FAUSTO: It depends on a strange synchrony with the World that somehow you have to anticipate to be in sync when the book gets published. You have to guess what could be actual, the new fashion or tendency. somehow for a moment you have to be an Afterist.

The vegan cuisine in three words?

CLAUDIA: Good, innovative and without sacrifice.

FAUSTO: Useless, insipid and restrictive! I mean, I’m forced to the vegan cuisine, but let me tell you a secret, when my wife doesn’t see me, I covertly eat my roasted chicken!

Do you like New York?

CLAUDIA: I love New York. I’m deeply in love with it. I’ve been there three times so far. I use to say that NY is a dancing city. You can feel its energy anytime and constantly and you want to dance with it. It’s also welcoming, multi-colored and i felt at home. NY rocks!

FAUSTO: The first time I hated it! I stayed near Times Square, It was in a extremely hot August and I thought it was the hell.

I mean, hotter than the blazes of hell itself. The second time I’ve been there with Claudia and we went to see some Broadway shows and i enjoyed it much more. I’ll be back!

Claudia your next novel?

I’m actually writing it and it’s going to be a thriller.

Fausto your next movie?

It’s called Forever young and is about the fake young phenomena. They are so many, man and women. Here in Italy, but I guess everywhere, nobody wants to get old anymore. So they try to keep the look and the habits of their youth.

IMG_3518What is happiness for you?

FAUSTO: Happiness is making a goal. It’s just a little instant in which you feel happy. Other than that we have to find a quite calm serenity.

CLAUDIA: Happiness is when you wake up in the morning willing to make your day smiling.

What do you think of brain drain to USA?

FAUSTO: Don’t come back! Dear brain drain, if you’re gone, stay gone! The center of the world, believe it or not, it’s right there. That’s why when aliens arrive, they land in Times Square and not in Trastevere! Lol.

CLAUDIA: It’s tragic because we have beautiful minds which we don’t keep here. Italians are too often superficial and unconcerned about this.




Release date: 11 August 2015

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What would you do if you knew you only had 100 days left to live? For Lucio Battistini, it’s a chance to spend the rest of his life the way he always should have—by making every moment count.



by Alessandro Parrello

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