Family, justice and a father’s love with the film “Calabrian Tale” starring Robert Woods

Robert Woods

It will be released in the next weeks the film Calabrian Tale by director Renato Pagliuso, an intense story in which a father’s love goes beyond all limits.

A film linked to the own roots, to the family and to justice. Starring the american actor Robert Woods, Paolo Mauro, Marco Silani and Chiara Conti is produced by Esterno Giorno Film Production and will be released in Italian theaters this fall by West 46th Films, specialized in genre films and always in support of high quality independent cinema. Next year the movie will be released also in New York, where the Italian community from Calabria is large.
Pasquale returns to his Country of origin in Calabria after the vice of the game has moved away from the family and made him a lonely and shy man. Nichola Gaffuri is a man unjustly slandered without ever having been able to clarify with his only daughter, Concetta. The strange meeting between the two will bring Pasquale and his friend Lino from Calabria to Rome, in an “on the road” journey, searching for the girl to reconnect her to his father and to her land. They will find a way to forgive themselves.
I am convinced that every man when he dies leaves something pending. So why not to imagine the possibility of coming back for a while and find someone willing to listen to you? “(Renato Pagliuso)

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