EMILIANO FERRERA: I dream of displaying my work in NYC some day

Emiliano Ferrera Paints

Ever since he started holding a crayon as a little boy in Rome, Emiliano Ferrera’s family has been telling him he has a God-given gift for art.
His talents range from painting, singing, molding clay, reading, horse-back riding and film-making; the further being the highest expression of his artistic genius, even earning him a few awards.
At age two his animal sketches were extremely realistic, at six he started drawing shadows of his characters, at twenty was his painting debut.
As a teen he would worm his way through the painters in piazza Navona, sneaking away when they started giving him dirty looks.
His exhibits inspired by Caravaggio’s style have brought him good popularity. A few years ago he became interested in micro-painting and started passing on to nail artists his passion for realism and figurative art.
In October 2014 his works were displayed in Rome in via del Corso.
As natural as it is for him to paint, he now conveys all his inner turmoil, instincts and passions… on canvass.

Emiliano Ferrera – Sexuality

Emiliano, tell me about how you sneaked among established painters in piazza Navona.
I used to hide in some corner and excitedly start portraying passer-bys. I was just a fourteen-year-old kid. There were tons of professionals painting which made me an uncomfortable meddler. The occasional jobs I did, I never got paid for. People would say the portrait didn’t resemble them, so they’d snatch the drawing and walk off with it without giving me a penny. That went on for some time, then one day some crooks forced me into a building to rob me, but seeing I had no money on me, they forced me to make a drawing of one of them. That was the end of my street-drawing career. Walking through Piazza Navona still puts a smile on my face, thinking back of those days.

Is it true that when thieves broke into your school they only took one of your paintings?
I was in Commercial Art school and the Principal signed me up for a contest with the theme “Draw your archeology”. The schools admitted in the contest were mainly art institutes and high schools, while I was in a small regional school. One day I grabbed my drawing book and headed off to San Policarpo park, which lies behind Cinecittà, and with my india ink pen I sketched some old ruins. To my surprise I got first prize for that drawing. I still have the trophy. When all the pictures were put on display for the exhibit, one was gone, mine! I was very upset for that, but I remember my teacher saying “Be proud! Your painting was stolen just like a famous one”. Not much of a consolation!

CrhistYou are a film director too. How did filmmaking come into  your life?
It’s always been a part of me.
I remember as a little kid I would turn my favorite movies into comics.

Where does your passion for western films come from?
I might have been five, one night I was tucked in and as I lay on my bed I remember hearing the whistling sound and music from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. I snuck into my dad’s room and secretly watched the whole movie. That was love at first sight.

Keith Richards, portraitIf you were to choose between cinema or painting, which would you do for a living?
Honestly, cinema. I think it incarnates all forms of art: photography, music, acting, costumes, screenplay, scenography, story-board…

What are your favorite subjects to paint?
It used to be landscapes, then horses, faces, later on micro-painting, now more female faces that strike me, but it’s never final. It is the instincts that lie in the very moment which moves my hand. I can never look at a sheet and see it empty.Is there a painter in particular who inspired you?
Definitely Caravaggio. It is such a challenge to measure up to his anatomical perfection and play of light.

What do you think of the American dream?
 Dream? More like a wonderfully tough goal.

Profumo di primaveraWhat can you say to our readers to promote your works?
Do you like it? Does it speak to you? Then you should take it home with you. But I could never say “buy it”. (laughter).

What’s your biggest dream?
I’ve got two: an exhibit dedicated to my works, in New York even! And having one of my movies on the big screen.

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by Alessandro Parrello
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