“Some encounters, though unexpected, lead to ways craved by the soul”.


Lionel is an International art critic, worn out by life, discouraged about love, just trying to keep afloat when suddenly and totally unexpectedly, he’s at a crossroad: should he trust those magnetic eyes or walk off once again? That woman starts seeping through his thoughts, his emotions, leaving him with a taste of an encounter he had never savored before. Love for art ties invisible strings between them, leading them into situations of her past which still have a grip on her present. They will have to flee from everything and everyone, in an attempt to understand art beyond its expression on canvass. From New York to Paris, through an adventurous design, trying to unravel the mysterious message of a painting… Mystery and riddle entwined with the irresistible feminine allure of Elianda.

Sicilian author Giuseppe Petix started writing short tales and poems collected at the beginning of 2013 with Albatros il filo publications. His essay Into the Gaze, a whole new look into some of Leonardo da Vinci’s works, won him international recognition. Elianda is his latest published work, an erotic thriller. It pays homage to femininity and to Art. The book has been the number one best seller in ebook and paper copy.

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