DAVID DI DONATELLO AWARDS (Italian Oscars©): “Black souls” triumphs and Quentin Tarantino entertains

Great moment for art movies in Italy: the one with the touch of prestige. Masterpiece BLACK SOULS by Francesco Munzi won 9 awards out of 16 nominations. It’s the story of the dark side of the ‘Ndranghet (best film, director, original song, producer, sound engineer live, photography, film editor, writer, musician). Second placer is IL GIOVANE FAVOLOSO by Mario Martone, and confirms Elio Germano as the Best Actor  title holder, collecting also three other technical awards: best set and costume designer, makeup artist and hairdresser. The last but not the least, Nanni Moretti’s MIA MADRE (MY MOTHER) wins the Best Actress in a Supporting Role title (Margherita Buy and Giulia Lazzarini). Special guest of the Gala evening was the great American director Quentin Tarantino. He finally retired the David for Pulp Fiction (best Picture, 1995) and Django Unchained (Best Picture, 2013). While collecting the awards, he said “My style is a combination of unhealthy terrible violence, blood and comedy. We want this to be in the true Tarantino Film”. Dressed in perfect “reservoir dogs” style, the director entertained the full of austherity show, mimicking the ballet of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. On stage with Tarantino, the legend Ennio Morricone who announced a future collaboration with the American director. David for best foreign film goes to the Oscar© winner BIRDMAN by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu.

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