Claudia Gerini: I am ready to fight!

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Claudia Gerini – ph by Fabio Lovino

The beautiful Italian superstar in theaters with “The translator” by Massimo Natale

Claudia Gerini’s voice is shaped like a heartwarming mother’s house from which all the characters that seem to come out through from over 20 years of her brilliant career; a kind of emotional déjà vu, in which we find ourselves repeating jokes or to revise scenes that stand there, undisturbed, in the cinematic memory of every one. The occasion of our call is the upcoming, on May 26, of her latest film, “The Translator“, directed by Massimo Natale and produced by Inthel Film, and premiered recently at the Los Angeles Italian Film Festival and at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This time, the actress became deeply involved in the interpretation of a wealthy woman who is translating the diary of her late husband, to shed light on his death.

Claudia, this role is unusual for you. What did you like when you read the script?

The character I play, Anna, is a fragile woman who lives in a limbo, constantly holding on to her recent past. I liked the psychology of a middle-class woman of an Italian province, stuck after the mysterious death of her husband (they were about to break up). She does’t know how to handle it, even due to the  many regrets that she has. I was impressed by the arguments that the story tells and the cultural integration: the translator that helps Anna won a scholarship, however, in order to pay his bills, he has to work as pizza maker, while collaborating with the police. They both need each other, they both serve the other. Anna is for him a kind of “promised land”, and their relationship becomes more intimate thanks to the one who read the diary that she will translate. Anna’s own transformation has affected me greatly.

How did you prepare?

I was just trying to understand and to feel her pain, her frustrations, as I always do. Technically I didn’t have to do something specific, but to internalize her, and understand her.

Claudia Gerini – The translator

The film talks about some of those aspects that in life are important for a change: the fear of love, the desire to forget, the desire to escape, the desire of a professional affirmation. Can we save from all of this, in your opinion?

Yes, I believe. We must try to never stop asking questions, if we want to grow, until we dies.

The director Massimo Natale said: “The theme of diversity is often categorized in a negative way, but often the most negative are ourselves.” Do you agree?

Yes. The diversity is a great treasure and opportunity, but unfortunately it’s not always seen in a positive way. In the film diversity plays a crucial role, by moving the characters and the story brilliantly.  It’s all about that.

In 2004 you played Pilate’s wife in “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson, a colossal and all-American production. What, if any, are the differences between an Italian and American movie set?

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Claudia Gerini – ph Fabio Lovino

I didn’t do only “The Passion of Christ”, but also few other international experiences. I just finished shooting a role in “John Wick 2“, a movie that I care a lot. I am the big boss of a criminal organization. Anyway, back to your question, in any American film, everything is prepared very seriously, with an extreme care for any details, even the small ones. By this I don’t mean that in Italy we aren’t serious about it, but in USA the business is so high that the Production Companies can’t go wrong. For instance, in the four scenes I played in “John Wick 2” everything was studies precisely and even the smallest roles were important. Unfortunately in italy the budgets don’t allow producers to take care of such details.

How did it go with english?

It went well, I speak a good english. I like a lot play in English because it seems to me that every word is full of meaning, but direct at the same time. Italian language is beautiful but more complex.

It is difficult for an Italian actor, already acclaimed, find a spot into the American film industry?

Pretty much! I would say impossible, more than difficult. Perhaps if you win an international Festival maybe…

I shot “John Wick 2” because the production came to Italy to find an Italian actress. I did a great audition and they casted me, but you need an opportunity like this.

Would you like to direct a film at some point of your career?

Not for now, I like to play and to be directed, but I do not exclude that in a few years that could happen.

Is there any role which you would like to play?

Well, being a black belt in taekwondo, I would like to play an action character, strong, which has to fight and kick everyone! (laughs).

What is success for you?

If you live it right, it’s the freedom to do whatever you want. If you live it badly, however, is dangerous, it threatens to pull out all the insecurities inside you.


by Francesca Scialanga

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