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Artist Luca Valerio D’Amico: I start from an eye

Taking inspiration from Escher and Dalì, with whom he has a lot in common. A mad intuition and intertwining lines leaning towards avant-garde and classicism, for example, of designs filled with matryoshka-sized images, where the end ties in with the beginning in a never-ending cicle. The subconscious is the main …

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Stefano Guindani: next stop Burning Man

When you place side by side two very different shots taken by Stefano Guindani, you will notice a very thin, red thread that seems to be running through them as a common denominator, a shared soul marking the difference between what’s true and pure and some sly trick of a …

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In Rome the best Italian arts with ITALIANISM

On October 10th ITALIANISM, a 24-hour creative conference, is going to be held in the former military station Guido Reni in Rome, as a meeting point for the emerging Italian visual scenario. within the sixth edition of the Outdoor Festival. Italianism, a project born of the blog, is laying …

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