Se ho paura prendimi per mano
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Se ho paura prendimi per mano


Debut Novel

Carla Vistarini

CORBACCIO, september 2014, pp 236

A tramp, a little girl, a gang of criminals:

a romantic comedy, cheerful and moving told with a light and surreal touch.

Smilzo, a formerly successful financier turned tramp and failure, is at the supermarket when a robbery takes place and a woman is killed. With her is a three-year-old girl, petrified by shock. Before the police realize what’s going on, Smilzo grabs her and takes her away with him. He doesn’t know exactly what drove him to take the girl, or what to do with her now that he has. However, he does know that she needs protection and, astonishingly, he thinks he may be able to help her. Who cares that it will be all end in trouble and that he will have to hide from half of Rome, while being chased by a band of criminals?

Smilzo is not entirely incompetent, and with the help of an unlikely group comprising a priest and an elderly university professor, he will manage to change child’s destiny, as well as his own.

“an Urban fairytale straying into the realms of the spy story” Il Venerdì di Repubblica

“An unusual detective story full of humor and tenderness” Elle, Cristina de Stefano

Carla Vistarini is a lyricist, scriptwriter and musician. She writes for TV, the theater and cinema. She is the author of critically praised comedies and screenplays of film such as Nemici d’infanzia (Childhood enemies) by Luigi Magni, with whom she won the David di Donatello prize. Se ho paura prendimi per mano is her first novel.



Premio letterario

After reading and enjoying it, we recommend this heartwarming novel because it is a tender story that conveys a sense of humanity that many of us today have lost sight of, in a society that runs too fast.

It ‘also the story of personal redemption of those who, having made mistakes, may have the opportunity to get back into the game and enjoy a second act.  The demonic dialects of the characters,, so funny and so true, strike and make the readers fall in love, and give us a beautiful ending that we want to experience  together with them on the big screen.

No coincidence that in Italy it has topped the charts of the top 100.

by WEST 46TH MAG – editorial Staff© All rights reserved

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