BEAUTY LINE – The lip tint craze!

labbra-pjmagazineWelcome to the BEAUTY LINE of West 46th Magazine! Our goal is to focus on the conception of beauty that we Italians have as opposed to the American trends. Today starts our long journey amidst the world of make-up, trends and all that colors our days with fun and self confidence. The summer is a great place to start and, needless to say, the trend for all beauty addicts for this season comes from overseas; lip tint! This product has been known and used in America for several years, but it is just barely making its way in Italy. What is lip tint though? Their shape reminds us of lip gloss, but the consistency is totally different from lipgloss and lipstick.

le mie tinte labbra 4 copyIn the US there are a ton of brandsDeborah-liptint-balm, with infinite colors, from the most notorious brand names to new creations by beauty bloggers. In Italy,  the past year has exhibited some luxurious as well as low-cost cosmetic companies that have been offering this innovative product.

So what is so special about it? For starters, the long lasting finish, the smooth pigmentation and the perfect mix of liquid and creamy texture. It is a rainbow of choice with the many available hues: the nude colors, the pink and red shades, the intense purples, blues and black and the the pastels…  The most popular finish in the US is matt, though lately the glossy finish in Italy, with its mix of color intensity and shiny effect, and has been more and more appreciated. This new product has literally colonized Italy from America and a creative and artistic country such as ours will inevitably help the growth of this make-up “jewel”!

by Valentina Cipriani

© All rights reserved

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