Ask Dr. Bruce: Be proud of who you are

Dear Dr. Bruce,

I am a famous movie star named R. I am a totally homophobic gay man. What should I do? Help!!!!

Thank you,



Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce M. Tuchman PhD

Dear Mr. R.

Surprised? Not really! All of us have known this about you for years, but out of sensitivity to your macho persona, totally made up for the world of cinema, we agreed not to say a word. But given the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, yesterday, which affirmed the dignity of gay people throughout the Country, I think it’s time to address this issue seriously.

Homophobia, among gay people, is actually the result of the internalization of a wider cultural prejudice against homosexuality. It is the self-hatred that comes from identification with the dominant, heterosexual societal norms that have oppressed you for centuries.

I say Bravo! To you for finally coming out (at least to me, Dr. Bruce) and beginning to confront this dilemma honestly and openly. I know you are afraid that roles in films which you vie for, like the romantic protagonists you are known to portray, will be few and far between if you come out publicly, but I say “don’t worry”! Now that the Supreme Court has ruled in your favor, you can finally marry the man of your dreams and retire from the cinema. Just imagine the fun you can have, cruising on Armani’s yacht, in and out of Mediterranean harbors as well as all of the gayest places, like Provincetown, Fire Island and Key West, here in the United States. Imagine hanging out with other previously closeted superstars, like Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper and George Clooney. Oh wait, George has not come out yet; I forgot! And he got married! To a woman! Never mind George!                           Just focus on the proud gay men who have come out in the past few years. Go out and celebrate Gay Pride in New York tomorrow. Take your shirt off! Shake your booty! And for God’s sake, be proud of who you are and next time sign your full name proudly!

With respect,

Dr. Bruce

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