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Artist Marco Gallotta exhibits in Miami

Miami (FL) December 2015. Yeelen Gallery (“Yeelen”) presents what’s INSIDE HER never dies…a Black Woman’s Legacy, a group exhibition curated by Karla Ferguson and in collaboration with Poets & Artists Magazine; on view through Art Basel Miami Beach week from November 30 to February 28, 2016. Bringing together a select group of like-minded artists, curators and cultural tastemakers, Yeelen celebrates the legacy and influence of the Black Woman.

what’s INSIDE HER never dies…” will mark the three-year anniversary of Yeelen Gallery and will include a compelling body of 25 artist/activists including the Italian Marco Gallotta, Sylvia Parker Maier, Tim Okamura, Joseph Adolphe, Jerome Soimaud, and Numa Perrier.

Invisible WomanMarco Gallotta’s artwork
Title “Invisible woman”
Technique: Cut paper and  acrylic 
“Invisible Woman” ia the portrait of a woman who suffers and nobody sees her.

The piece – made up of layers of carved images and overlapping – is designed to draw the viewer into the inner world of the subject, which evokes an emotional connection that goes beyond what can be perceived at first glance. The viewer is invited to linger with the subject, making it no longer invisible.

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